Girls Bowling Team Finishes Season Strong

By Jessie Liu ‘18

With no time to spare, the bowling season comes to an end. Finishing off the season the Lady Hornets of the bowling team played 11 games with a 9-2 record.

Mr. Mike Giordano, also known as Coach Gio got to know the incoming or returning players through tryouts in order to select the best candidates to work together in a team environment. Coaching both lacrosse and bowling, Mr. Giordano surely knows what he’s doing. He stated, “The recipe for success is having a big returning class.”

Mr. Giordano said, “At the time it was the only sport available to coach, and I wanted to get involved in the competitive atmosphere of Varsity Athletics,” but judging from their season, the lady Hornets and their Coach were a force to reckon with.

The bowling team practices at least three times a week, not including games, to further practice their skills and coordination.

Joanna Yan ‘18, the manager of the Lady Hornets said, “ Being the manager of the bowling team benefitted me by showing me that if you want to be apart of an opportunity such as being a manager on a team, you have to show that you’re dedicated and willing to sacrifice your time for the team. You have to be attentive with your coach because he relies on you to help him out especially on game days. So next time when I consider taking a position like this one, I now know what will be expected of me.”

A manager and efficient players are both equally important in the game of bowling.

“I like the bowling team because bowling is a fun pastime and everyone on the team is really friendly and supportive which makes it better,” said Jessica Lin ’18. “The strategy is to figure out where you’re most comfortable standing and to just aim for your pocket. When you throw the ball you have to make sure you follow through and that you take your steps slowly so that you’re more likely to get a strike,” she added.

“Like many throwing or hitting sports, you want to have proper footwork, eye on your target, and follow through,” specified Mr. Giordano.

Sammy Zhu ‘18 added, “What I like about the team is that it creates lasting friendships with people that have the same interest as you do.”

Anne Wang ‘17, a member of the team since sophomore year established that “Coach Gio is without a doubt, the best coach I’ve ever met. He coaches extremely well, and completely understands when you are going through a tough time. Coach Gio is unarguably a great coach; he’s indescribable in words. The girls on the team will agree contently.”

In additionally she said, “When you’re on a team, you are part of a team. Everyone holds a responsibility to show up to games and do their part. If one person does the unspoken, then the team could possibly crumble. Many of us realize that and without a doubt, will not miss a game they play a role of, whether it be a spectator or a player. Responsibility is what being on a team will teach you, and Coach Gio will make sure you’re well aware of this.”

“Respect. Respect the effort and commitment that’s required for bowling. If you respect what you do, you will find a way to be successful at it,” stated Mr. Giordano.

Whether joining the team to be involved in school activities, to pastime, or for an excuse to not have gym, the girls flourished as a whole and that is shown by their record. As a team, the Lady Hornets worked together through a strong season. There are no gutter balls in this team, just turkeys!

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