Freshman Officers Join City Council

By Ufaq Tahir ’18 and Sara Omran ’19

Plans are being made to improve the sanitation of the school and to create ways to get freshmen more involved. Freshmen President Taskin Khan ’20, and Vice President Zhyra Casero ’20, are making these plans and hope to find ways to get information to and from freshmen.

The school’s cafeteria, where there’s food and wrappers on the floors and tables, reflect on the school’s students, said Casero.

To help improve the cleanliness, Casero plans to develop a system where students throw away all trash in bins and dispose of waste properly.

Khan and Casero also have plans to develop ways to communicate better.

“We might have a suggestion box in the lobby because we have a lot of ideas and things we like to change,” said Khan.

Freshmen have already pitched ideas to Khan, and although she doesn’t have the answers, she’s glad people have suggested ideas and hopes more people do.

To give information, Casero feels it’s important to keep freshmen up to date with what’s happening in the school because sometimes they don’t know where to get information from.

Khan wanted to be president because she has grown up with people in her family that have leadership careers, while Casero wanted to be vice president because she has future goals in this area.

“Ever since elementary school, I liked the idea of being the voice because my dad does a lot of these things. He’s in organizations and has ties with UNICEF so it’s in my blood,” said Khan.

Casero has a love for politics and thinks that the student body government is a good place to start to build her future.

“I feel like as I grow older I want to be more involved in politics and express my voice and opinions to different people because I can communicate well. I feel like there has to be a person who is open minded and educated about how people think,” said Casero.

Khan also wants to continue her role in the student body government by running to be sophomore president and said if she’s not elected next year, she’ll still volunteer for the student government and be involved in some way.

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