Fogue Provides Creative Outlet for Students

By Ashlee Basant ‘18 and Rebecca Chan ‘18

Fogue is a new club for those who admire the work and ideas in the fashion industry. This club will allow young men and women in the school community to engage in their passions and to have a creative outlet for their ideas. The creators Yumeily Oviedo ‘18 and Anastasia Legenka ‘18 are excited to see a unique club develop to interest all creative ranges for the future club members.

“The idea of starting this club started when Yumeily and I saw that there was no club at school like this,” Legenka stated. “We wanted to create a place where people could express their creativity, their love for fashion, and have a diverse group of people and ideas that we can embrace.”

Legenka always had a love for fashion.

“Fashion from a young age has interested me and it is a huge part of who I am. It’s something I’m extremely passionate about and in many ways it is a form of expression for me, so starting this club would be a great opportunity for people who share the same passions to get together,” she said.

Now she will be able to contribute these ideas with other young men and women in the school.

In addition to the meetings that will be held, Oviedo and Legenka have decided to create a blog for this new club.

Legenka stated, “We are planning to create a blog for people to be able to discuss fashion trends, street style, and more.”

To help start off their venture, Oviedo said, “Just talking to people involved in fashion and looking at blogs and fashion pages” has helped her to brainstorm future ideas for the upcoming club.

Legenka stated, “In the future, we also hope to put on a fashion show where people can style clothes as well as create them.”

Mr. Kyle Manson, biology teacher, will be the club’s supervisor. He said, “I used to do the ping pong club but my schedule changed. When Anastasia asked if I could be the supervisor of her club, I said yes.”

In terms of the club’s success, Mr. Manson said, “I think it’ll be successful because they’re both into fashion and I know they both want to be involved in fashion for their colleges.”

In order to kickoff this journey, Oviedo said, “We’re going to make flyers and post on social media to promote and also word of the mouth will help. We don’t have an official date yet but, we are planning to do this on Thursdays, periods nine and ten.”

The upcoming Fogue fashion club will not only serve as a way for students to express their creativity, it will allow everyone to unite as one to share their ideas.

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