Debate Team Wins Overall City Tournament

By Kareem Ibrahim ’18

Feeling ecstatic and proud, members of the debate team are enjoying their time this season.

The team debated at Midwood and won first place overall in the city tournament on November 12. The team won first place in their “open” (varsity) debate and received fairly high scores in their novice division. Several teammates in both divisions acquired top speaking awards.

“My first time back was a great experience!” said Tim Samadov ’18 after the tournament. This is the first time Samadov debated since last year. He claims that he feels comfortable on the team and considers his teammates to be his friends.

The team meets at least two times a week and works on their resolution, which in this case was about the benefits and disadvantages of the Internet of Things – the networking of devices. They worked on this topic since the end of their last debate in early October.

“The debate team gives many opportunities in high school in order for you to think differently,” said Jacob Kapustin ’18, another old member. “We’re very welcoming and we take in new debaters with open arms”.

The team receives new members every month, usually a heterogenous mixture of every grade level.

New member Claudine Schwartz ’19 describes debate as fun, intense, and a lot of work. She said, “at first, I had no idea what was happening”. Schwartz claims that making new friends on the team really helped her feel welcome and overcome her difficult time. She also recommends to anybody having trouble in the school to “join a club” and to “talk to your teachers” in order to feel more comfortable.

The debate team was created by Ms. Suzane Thomas, the assistant principal of the English department, last year. Since then, the team had won several awards and top place scores in their novice division. This is also the first year that the team is debating varsity debate, in which several members so far have won many awards.

“At first, I didn’t feel comfortable on the team, but after I learned more about how to debate and got to know the people, I definitely feel comfortable,” said another new member Emily Ng ’17.

Ng also recommends that people should “join some club or team and meet new people” in order to feel more comfortable in the school.

Annance Seraphin ’00 says she felt good about debate “right off the bat” and that the coaches and other members helped her get a good grip of debate.

The debate team shows itself to be accepting of all new members and works hard in order to make its members feel comfortable.

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