College Now Available For All Students

By Shakila Islam ’18

College now courses in Brooklyn College are more widely available for high school students.

There are two different types of College Now Courses, Pre-College Now courses and College Now courses. Pre-College now courses are beneficial in a way that teaches high school sophomores what it’s like to be in a college. Pre-College now courses also give student’s high school credit, they’re usually counted as an elective.  Students who take and pass College Now classes will have those courses appear on their transcript.  They are transferable to most colleges and will count as elective credits.  They are free.  College courses can be expensive.  In some cases students pay more than $60 per credit.  

College credit courses are for high school juniors and seniors, and they can earn transferable college credits. There are two types of college credit courses: College Credit Cohort classes and College Credit Waiver classes. The college credit goes on the transcript but does not factor in GPA unless in Brooklyn College.

Liana Hasan ’18 a student who is currently taking a Pre-College Now course, video production said, “We learn about different roles of video production and also how to shoot a play. There are many different shots and angles. We’re also learning how to make a movie,”

In addition, Liana thinks that college now courses are not better than AP classes.

“College Now Courses are not better than AP classes because we don’t get too much work, while AP classes are harder,” said Hasan.

She really likes Pre-College now classes because they offer a variety of topics that you can choose from. Liana also thinks she’s going to take college now classes in the future, anything that revokes around technology.

Farzana Chowdhury ’17 who has taken multiple college now courses discusses her opinion on them.

“I applied for the College Now Course Health and Nutrition 1200 because I wanted a class that gave college credit. I think College now courses are like the same as AP classes, there taught the same way. But for AP classes you have to remember everything from the beginning and take the AP test at the end of the year. For College Now classes it’s more of an actual class,” said Chowdhury.  

Sherry Chen ’18 is a student that is taking College Credit Course, Psychology 1000 Introduction to Psychology. She chose this topic because she’s interested in studying this field and also wants to major in it.

“I believe taking College Now courses are more beneficial than AP classes. For AP classes you have to go through a lot of stress and take the end of the year AP test, just to make it look good on your college application. While College Now Courses are less of a stress and we don’t get as much of work. However they’re both beneficial,” said Chen.

Ms. Pieranna Pieroni, the director of College Now at Brooklyn College, chooses topics based and what fields are popular, the range of interests, sciences, art, social science, etc. She works in the college now office and helps many students with College Now. Mrs. Jennifer Mayzus also works in the College Now Office. She is the student’s affairs coordinators.  

“I think College Now Courses are different than AP classes. They have their own pros and cons,” said Ms. Pieroni.

“One benefit to College Now classes is that students get to work with professors. To add on, AP classes are harder academically,” said Mrs. Mayzus.

“College Now Courses are free, of which there are many topics to choose from. It also builds social bonds, and credit from college credit classes are accepted in different colleges. AP classes are more relying only on one grade, one test. In college now classes you can build up,” said Ms. Pieroni.

Students have different opinions on College Now classes. Some believe that it’s beneficial in a way, while others think it’s not that useful as AP classes.

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