Coach Alexander Takes Over Boys Lacrosse

By Hasnain Iftikhar’18 and Gianny Chacon ‘18

The Boys Lacrosse team got a new coach for this season. Coach Alexander Zachary came in for former coach Padula and will improve the team to the best of his ability.

The lacrosse team had a tough last season and is hoping for major improvements in their strategies and other major aspects of the game this season with Coach Alexander.

“I was interning at Midwood last year when the previous coach quit. This is when I talked to the athletic director about my interest in becoming the head coach. I have a passion for playing and coaching lacrosse, and I wanted the varsity job badly. I gave the athletic director my resume, took the coaching certification courses, and the rest is history,” said Coach Alexander

Sean Walsh ’18 said, “I feel Coach Alexander is a great coach for the team. He has experience with lacrosse and teaches us strategies and formations that are unique for the team.”

This shows great promise for Lacrosse this season with Coach Alexander’s new way of doing things. The team has many types of drills regarding both team wise and individually. Team drills include offhand, footwork and coordination drills. For individual drills, they have conditioning, stick work, passing and shooting.

“He’s a great coach and does everything in his power to make us better and some of the new things implemented are very effective,” said Klyve Morisseau’18

Coach Alexander has also added many things to the teams practice schedules according to Morisseau’18. He has added new drills and formations to the team’s arsenal, and they will hopefully use them to their advantage this season.

Last season wasn’t the best for the boys Lacrosse team. They were not able to win the Brooklyn division and make it to the championship round. The team was disappointed in their tough loss last season but is hoping to change that by using this loss as motivation for this season and get to the championship and win the gold.

Team captain Alexander John ’17 said, “ Last season was unsuccessful since we were eliminated in the first round of playoffs… we didn’t play as a team, we didn’t win enough important games… and we never accomplished our dreams of winning the championship.

“I felt like we could have played better, but we did learn and grow as a team”, said Walsh.

Even if the team suffered greatly this previous season, they were able to learn. They will use what they have learned to their advantage.

“We had great players, but didn’t have good formations,” said Morriseau.

One of the key reasons the team was unsuccessful last season was because of their strategies and formations they used in their games. According to Morriseau, Mr. Alexander has added new practice drills and formations for the team this season and will hopefully result in a different outcome from last season

The boys Lacrosse team has a great hope for Coach Alexander and seems to enjoy his new ideas and concepts for the team. He has had a positive impact so far on the team and will hopefully carry on to the season.

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