Biomed Society Offers Entree to Medical Field

By Ashley Masih ‘18

Information about the medical field and different tracks within the field are exposed to students in the Biomed society under the advisor, Ms. Mardee Goodwin

According to the Princeton Review, the science combines the fields of medicine and biology to emphasize the health of animals and humans.

President of the club, Nicky Chan ‘17, explains that he plans to “create lectures on topics in the medical field and continue to entice eager students who are interested in the medical field.”

Alongside him is vice president, Joyce Chen ‘18, who strongly encourages everyone in the club to have a voice.

“I want everyone to know that people around them can have same problems or thoughts as they do, so the questions or statements they ask/make can be the reason why people do the extraordinary things they do,” said Chen.

The Biomed society is a crucial platform where students can share with each other about the proper ways to achieve their dreams and enter the medical profession.

Newcomer, Katie Nikishina ‘18 said, “I’m very excited for the year ahead of us. This club was just what I was looking for: to learn more about the medical field and perhaps help me figure out what I want to do in the future involving medicine.”

Chan said, “I will personally devote time for anyone who has suggestions or questions after the meetings to allow them to voice their opinions to me”.

In this club, students all share the same goals and to aspire to become a doctor. In their first meeting of the year, they discussed the process of becoming a doctor. First is four years as an undergraduate, then four years in medical school, along with residency and fellowship. By the time one has completed all this education, they’ll be in their 30s.

Chan also helps students with internships and other opportunities.  

When it came to leading the young, hopeful students, Chen was all on board.

“Holding a leadership position has made me come to realize that I want to advocate for more voices to be heard. As the vice president, I believe that certain things you say whether it is a single word, paragraph, or essay is the starting point in motivating others around them. Therefore, not only are they helping themselves, they’re also helping others, which in the end is a good deed done” said Chen.

Throughout the year, the club plans to have more hands on activities that aren’t typically performed in the classrooms.

Overall, the Biomed society will help students discover and learn the paths in the medical field.

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