Anime Club Charms Comic Lovers

By Maurice Celestin ’18

Anime Club members adore the time they spend in the club; the President Sabrina Smalls ’17 has many exciting trips planned for the school year.  Members just have fun and make friends.

In the club, they watch anime; after the episode the students have discussions on the episode. The debates can be on various topics such as what they thought about an episode, who their favorite character is, and much more anime related things.

They also enjoy playing Japanese related games. “We played guessing the anime song and guess the character… We had cosplay contests,” Smalls said.

They usually play games during the parties they have within the club.

Members all have a common interest when it comes to club activities.

Austin Penny ’17 said, “All of us come together for our interest, which is anime.”

They socialize with each other, and they all are comfortable in the club because of their common interest.

Joseph Dwan ’17 said, “Watching anime with all these people with the same interest” is his favorite thing about the club.

It’s not easy finding people who like anime and Japanese culture in the school. The club brings people who do all together.

Nancy Chan’s ’18 favorite part about the club is meeting new people, she said, “… It’s hard to find people that like anime.”

Well, their enjoyment isn’t only limited to the clubroom, the club also gets to go on trips. Smalls has been planning the trip for Anime Boston since she was a freshman.

Former president of the anime club Danny Fán ’14 said the price of the trip rounded up to $210.

Now Smalls is planning trips such as Comic Con, maid cafes, and Spring Fest.  

If you want to join the anime club, you can visit room 485 on Wednesdays, tenth period. The president hopes you drop by if you’re interested. “Everyone is welcome,” Smalls said.

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