Separating Fact from Fiction, Freshman Guide to Surviving High School

By Santiago Alonso ‘17

Before you go on a search for the fifth floor pool, read this to get an idea of how to make it through in a school as big as Midwood. Make sure you are ready to be a part of the Hornets’ nest for the next four years; it’s a whole different ball game compared to your middle school.

Many will say high school is tough to get through, but it really isn’t; just enjoy your time and have fun. It never hurts to get out of your comfort zone either. In a place filled with nearly 4,000 students, getting out there, reaching out and making friends will go a long way. Joining a team or club is a great way to make friends, create memories; and most importantly, it helps you grow as a person and student.

Don’t be rude; Try to be nice to your teachers. Try to make your teachers remember you as a good student and not as one of those who always got on their nerves. When the time comes for you to get those letters of recommendation as a senior, it will come in handy to have a few teachers you can rely on for support and advice. An obvious way to also get on your teacher’s good side is by participating. participate in class on a regular basis; sitting quietly is not going to get you top grades. Show teachers you are trying by being an active part of the class.

Don’t try to think hard about what your friends will say about your behavior; most of the time they just try to get you distracted from your real task, and that’s to learn. Don’t think that all friends are bad. There are those certain few who will help you keep up with your tasks, such as homework, and projects. Hand in your work on time; it never hurts to be punctual, and it shows you really know what you are doing. A key part of handing your work on time is a well-known website most of you might have heard of by now, Pupilpath. Most teachers in Midwood use it, and it is where most of your work will be. It is a good tool to track your progress and keep in touch with teachers when you need their help. Try checking it on a daily basis.

Also if you begin to monitor in an office, make sure you are reliable; you never know when all of your hard work might pay off. It’s always a good experience to monitor and help out wherever you can. In the long run, those you help might return the favor. It never hurts to ask for help when you need it.

In the past month that you have been at Midwood, you might’ve heard this a decent amount of times by now, but your attendance is a key component of your grades. If you ever go away on vacation, try notifying your teachers about it beforehand and tell the people in the attendance office if you’re going away for an extended period of time. This will prevent teachers from having a bad impression of you. When you come back, try as hard as you can to come prepared; maybe ask some friends to catch you up on some work so that you aren’t lost when you come back.

If you are having trouble in any your classes it doesn’t hurt to ask for help. Go to the peer tutoring center in room 403. Volunteering students and teachers will be there to help you. If you want to help out as well you can sign up to be a tutor, which is a good way to get service credits. but if you do not want to go to the tutoring center you can ask your teachers for extra help, they are usually willing to help during their free periods.

Your guidance counselor will be there for you when you need them. If you are having any personal or academic problems you can go to your counselor for help. Never wait for a problem to become overwhelming; if you need help ask for it, teachers, counselors and even some fellow students can help you out.

Staying organized is very helpful to do well in school. Taking notes can sometimes be annoying; a good way to get notes can be to take pictures of them but it is even more efficient when you write them down, and it is easier to remember them when they are written down. Planners were provided in your gym class earlier this year, so make use of them; they’re not just books for you to throw out. After all they are a great tool for staying organized.

Being inside Midwood’s hallways should already have given you a taste of what it is going to be like for the next four years. These are just some tips to try and help you make it through them easily. You should be able to know by now what’s right and what’s wrong, think before you act and everything should be fine. You are all hornets now, it’s time to start acting like you are one and make the right decisions. Welcome to the nest, enjoy your time, and remember it’s a beautiful day to be a Hornet

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