Senior Seminar Starts on a Good Note

By Gabriella Shery ‘17 and Jessica Charles ‘17

While most seniors are taking notes in a traditional classroom setting, others volunteered to not only do the same, but also add senior seminar to their schedule. Senior seminar is a class that students take during their last year, when they want to replace a class in their schedule or when it’s too short.

Ms. Sakaina Simon, a guidance counselor said, “I prefer students to take an extra class, however, budget restraints make it difficult. The upside in senior seminar is that it’s an opportunity to give back to the Hornet community.”

For instance, guidance counselors and teachers get help with filing and distributing paper work. “The help that students provide can go towards Archon, as it’s for students who exhibit excellence in community service,” said Ms. Simon.

Stephanie Tse ‘17, who is taking senior seminar this year, decided to provide her assistance to the school magazine Patterns, which is run by Ms. Melissa Pentangelo.

“I’m really excited because I’m finally going to get the chance to hone in on my creativity, whether it’s in writing poems or short stories,” said Tse.

“Also, senior seminar really taught me not to procrastinate on my work, because of deadlines. But I prefer it over a class because I get to do something that I enjoy,” continued Tse.

Another participant in senior seminar is Jalwa Khan ‘17, who decided to help Ms. Phyllis Delarosso in the school store.

Khan said, “The best thing about doing senior seminar is that it gives me a sense of purpose.

I feel like I am giving back to the school and that makes me very happy.”

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