Mr. Peterson Gets Promoted

By Abeer Naeem ’17

Born to work with computers, Mr. Albert Peterson was named the new Assistant Principal of Programming this starting school year. Computer savvy at heart Mr. Peterson was honored to have been given such a tremendous opportunity and accepted this new position in a heartbeat.

“I am excited and terrified at the same time for this great opportunity to grow and learn more about the school,” stated Mr. Peterson. Not only does he await the challenges that come with this job, but he is excited to do what he loves all day long.

From a young age Mr. Peterson played around with computers and introduced himself to the world of programming. This concept which involves complex databases was a breeze for him as he enjoys math, otherwise the core of programming.

“In order to succeed Mr. Peterson must have a strong knowledge on computers and databases as there are many different things involved in this demanding task,” stated Mr. Alan Stack, the previous Assistant Principal of Programming. Mr. Peterson has all these qualities and more as he understands the importance of his position.

The new assistant programmer, Mr. Lawrence Evans, seconds this statement as he  is confident that not only will Mr. Peterson thrive in his new position but will also better the Midwood community as a whole.

“The immense amount of knowledge he holds speaks volume to his work ethic and passion,” stated Mr. Evans. This inspires Mr. Evans to share this same work ethic and learn more from him.

Mr. Peterson is an inspiration to many coworkers as he devotes his time to his work in order to have a perfect outcome. This is an essential part of the job as Mr. Stack recalls putting every last minute of his day into perfecting student’s schedules.

However, even with such an incredible work ethic, Mr. Peterson is bound to face several hardships along the way.

Mr. Peterson is aware of these obstacles that come with his new job and admits to being terrified.

“I am now responsible for every student since I have to make sure they have the necessary classes to graduate and that intimidates me,” he said. “There is always room for error and I hope to make decisions which will minimize the possibility of making mistakes.”

However, Mr. Peterson has many supporters who believe that he is the best person for this position and can conquer any obstacles that await.

Mr. Stack advises  Mr. Peterson to remember to walk out of the office and take time to himself whenever he comes across a problem.

“He must go home, rest, eat, and then come back the next day refreshed and with a new mindset, “ Mr. Stack explained.

Nevertheless, Mr. Peterson must not have faced any big obstacles as  the programming of over 4,000 students has been going smoothly thus far.

“Mr. Peterson is doing an awesome job with his new position and its beneficial that he has the proper experience as he was with us last year,” said Ms. Lane, a Guidance Counselor.  The Guidance Counselors are more than satisfied with the programming process and hope for this trend to continue.

The principal, Mr. Michael McDonnell, agrees that he is doing a fantastic job thus far and  believes that Mr. Peterson is an extremely qualified candidate for the job.

Mr. Peterson is glad to have a support system from all over the school and can’t wait to see what this job holds.

“I understand that in this position I need to get a lot done in a little amount of time but I am willing to stay late to ensure that I have made no mistakes,” said Mr. Peterson.

Mr. Peterson is patient enough to take on this huge responsibility.

“I like students and want to do whatever I can to help them have a better future,” said Mr. Peterson.

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