Lack of Lunch Forms Leads to Lower Finances

By Stephanie Tam ‘17

Raising awareness about the importance of lunch forms, Mr. Alan Stack has sent an email to the students and parents about the benefits of completing a lunch form. Lunch forms are important because they show the economic need of the school and how much the school should receive to create a better learning environment.

This is part of Title 1 funding, an act that provides financial assistance to schools with students from low income families. According to, the purpose of this was to ensure that all children are able to have an equal chance at success as other students. The school also has a role to play after receiving the money. They need to show how it’s going to be used to ensure that students are being challenged and how it will improve their education.

There are many benefits that come from filling out lunch forms. For example, students can get fee waivers for exams or qualify for scholarships. The money they receive can be used to help fund clubs, buy new materials and support classes as school. They can also receive five points extra on an assessment from their math, social studies and English classes.

David Xiao ’17 stated, “It’s a great way to encourage students to hand in their lunch forms. Most students will take advantage of this opportunity to get extra credit.”

Many teachers are also willing to give extra credit to their student for doing the right thing. Mrs. Erin Carroll stated that she doesn’t mind giving out the extra points. Filling out lunch forms is an important way to get funding for our school. She explains how this can help the school get new supplies to help the students.

If you haven’t received a lunch form, you can go to room 347 or ask your English teacher for one. You can also fill out a lunch form online at In order to receive extra credit, you need to submit the form by November 1. Although many may find that school lunch forms are a waste of time, it actually does benefit the school and improves the learning environment that we are in.

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