Lack of Field Leaves Hornets Without Nest

By Salma Ali ‘17

One major inconvenience that student athletes are facing this year is the lack of a home field. These athletes are unable to practice or play games at the field due to reconstruction.

Senior athletes are especially frustrated due to not being able to perform their practiced ability during their last year of high school.

“Senior year was the year we looked forward to most to be able to play on our home field for the last time and that experience has been taken away from us due to the field reconstruction,” said Katherine Thornton ‘17.

It is definitely a hassle to try to find a place to practice in every day for the entire season. Students have to travel long distances to practice areas and it is difficult to do so every single day and balance your school work as well.

Jessica Vittoriano ‘19 said, “Practices take place at Parade Grounds which is far from home and it’s difficult to get home late and try to get everything done before going to sleep and repeating the same process again the next day.”

Besides practices, the students also don’t have a home field for their games.

Aref Farraj ‘17 said, “I miss having a roaring audience at our Friday football games where most of our school would come and watch us play.”

Rebecca Cruz ‘17 said, “Cheering at home games was a major part of our experience and it doesn’t feel the same doing it elsewhere.”

There are many benefits to having a home field. Coaches are able to lock up their equipment and use them on a daily basis instead of having to carry them with them everywhere they go.

“It is definitely a struggle for the athletes to have to shift from field to field carrying all their gear, said Jonathan Skelly. “There is no consistency for them and the fact that they can be able to get ready and focus on the game is a major factor that is lost through the traveling from place to place.”

Kendra Lane said, “Having home field is home base with the comfort level and pride level, that and available to the students with the sense of confidence and protecting your base.”

“Ms. V is positive and says it’ll be great when it opens and

Although this is an extreme disadvantage to our student athletes and coaches, the new and improved field will hopefully be worth the wait and be a more safe environment for everyone. Regardless of the struggle and unease of no field, the athletes make the best of their conditions and play their heart out wherever they go.

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