Alumnus Catches Up with Hornets

By Tarah Raphael ‘17

Driven by passion for art, Mrs. Libby Lubinger is a former Midwood student who graduated in the class of 1950. Lubinger attended Midwood High School as a sophomore in 1948; seven years after Midwood was first opened. She pursued the art throughout her high school career. After graduating from High school, Lubinger attended Brooklyn College. While in college, she modeled and danced in New York City. Later, she graduated from Brooklyn College with “cum laude”.
Lubinger is a professional dance teacher and director of a dance at an arts center in Ohio.
She directs a Spanish dance company that she founded. She teaches all forms of Spanish dance including regional, classical, and flamenco dance. Her work includes giving performances, conducting master classes, as well as lecture demonstrations in schools.

Speaking about her high school career, Lubinger said she was the yearbook technical director, hallway monitor, as well as working at the advisor’s office. She also performed in a variety of shows. Lubinger said, “There was always something to challenge you and satisfy your curiosity. There were so many extracurricular activities to take part in.” Lubinger stated that attending Midwood has given her the opportunity to learn from “dedicated professionals” and also served as an inspiration to her interest as well as to learn new things.

As part of her life lesson, Lubinger learned to be kind, to smile, keep her sense of humor, and to be herself. Driven by honesty, integrity, and respect for others, Lubinger advises students by saying, “Education doesn’t end with a high school or college diploma. There may not be many formal tests but never stop asking questions. Continue learning and don’t be afraid to try new things.”

Lubinger received an award from Cleveland State University for promoting the Spanish culture. As part of her achievements, she said, “Hearing from my many students about how much they enjoyed the classes I taught.” She likes to read, tap or trying “different types of cuisine” when she is not teaching or directing dance.

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