Lady Hornets Dominate Soccer Field

By Salma Ali’17

It’s been a long time coming for the Girls Varsity Soccer team. The lady hornets are currently undefeated and are the first place team in their Brooklyn A division. With a leading record of 9-0, the girls want to continue to keep this incredible streak for the remainder of the season.

The girls were able to beat their number one competitors at Grand Street. Last year, Midwood lost both games against them with a combined score of 14-2 and this year were able to beat them with a score of 2-1 during their toughest game of the season.

“Beating Grand Street was the best feeling this season because my entire career here at Midwood, it seemed impossible to beat this team or even have a close score,” said Brigid Reilly ‘17. “Going from terribly losing to them to defeating them is amazing.”

Although the soccer team has been able to win all their games, they still have dealt with a few obstacles. The biggest obstacle is the fact that there is no home field to play on. Practices take place at Parade Grounds and for some girls, it is far from home and a hassle to get to.

“Not having a home field our senior year is difficult because the excitement of having home games is gone this year since all our games are away games,” said Adelina Ishkayeva ‘17.

Reem Hamaida ‘19 said, “Having a home field gives a team confidence and a support system knowing people from our school would come to watch our games like they do every year.”

Isabel Learis ‘18 said, “If we continue to stay the first team in our division, we would’ve been able to have our first playoff game at our home field and the support we would’ve received would’ve been tremendous, but nonetheless we will continue to play the best that we can regardless of where we do it.”

In addition to the field situation, the girls also dealt with injuries throughout the season. One of the key starters, Lara Schuman ‘18, tore her ACL and is out for the rest of the season.

“Lara is definitely a great asset to the team,” said Nili Cuautle ‘17. “Not having her is tough because she helps bring the team together, however I know that we have a great team of girls that each bring individual talent. We all contribute to the team as a whole and we will definitely keep on pushing forward.”

Schuman said, “Nothing is worse than being injured during the middle of this incredible season. All I want to do is get back out there and play with my team, but I know that regardless they will continue to strive for the best and they won’t settle for anything less.”

Shifting from the obstacles, the positivity and sportsmanship that this team is built on remains intact until today.

“ Sportsmanship has been the most important factor to playing any game,” said Kendra Lane. It is something that I feel is necessary to instill in my girls because it is a lesson beyond the field with learning how to respect others and yourself. The fact that my girls were able to keep themselves in check during I game couldn’t attend makes me feel very proud in knowing that they carry it on regardless of where they are.”

The new players on the team are extremely excited to have entered this team and start off the season with a complete shutdown.

“The girls and our coach made me feel welcomed from the start and the spread of good energy helps us work really well together especially because we’re all supportive of each other,” said Chloe Barosy ‘20. “I’m so excited to about being undefeated and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season hold for us.”

Another splendid advantage of these games is the parent support received at every game. Parents are a major part of this team and their support means everything to these athletes. They impact the team with their efforts and contributions.

         “The support from parents is awesome. Knowing that these parents are so involved and care about the team so much just gives them a sense of relief and comfort when playing on the field.”

This is a new and impressive experience for the lady hornets and definitely one for the books. What these girls have achieved so far was remarkable and hopefully they will continue to stay on this streak and take it all the way.

“The work we have put in this season has paid off immensely with the thrilling season that we’ve had so far,” said Biondina Voca ‘18. “It has taught me that with teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved and anything is possible.”

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