Volleyball Player Honored for Excellence

By Olga Savuk ‘17 

Bryanna Fisher ’16 caught the commissioners’ and sport’s coordinators’ eyes with her outstanding accomplishments and dedication for volleyball. Out of all of New York City, one of our own received the honorable PSAL Wingate Award.

According to PSAL. org, the award is handed out to New York City public high school student athletes for their recognition of success in a particular sport. It is considered one of the most prestigious rewards.

“At first I was in shock,” said Fisher, “I didn’t even know I was nominated, but afterwards I was thrilled that I would have a tangible illustration of the hard work put in and the good times that I had at Midwood.”

Even though Fisher was unaware of this award, she constantly worked hard to perform well while playing volleyball. When her coach asked her to switch positions, Fisher was able to adapt to the new spot and learn quickly. As Fisher explained, it’s important to strive for the best because being on a team requires them to rely and work together.

This student athlete began playing volleyball when she was 12 years old but stopped for a short amount of time to try other sports. When she got to Midwood, she rejoined the sport for her sophomore year.

Volleyball practice did not stop for Fisher when the season at Midwood did. For the last two summers she attended a volleyball training camp. This year she took it a step even further by joining an outside volleyball club. With this outside team she got to participate in many tournaments, both in and out of state.

“My support system beached out from family to friends, my coach and teammates, and friends I made in the sport along the way,” Fisher stated. “All of these people have helped me become a better athlete and person. I was able to learn something new from my teammates during every practice which helped us play better as a unit.”

Playing a serious sport can be a great deal for a teenager to handle. As Fisher explained, she had her coach and her mother right beside her, helping her every step of the way. Her volleyball experience and knowledge in volleyball would not have been as strong if it wasn’t for them.

Fisher is still unsure if she wants to pursue volleyball as a career. After high school, she will be playing volleyball for Buffalo State College, but her major will be in criminal justice and forensics.

Fisher said, “It’s too early to say if I would pursue a career in volleyball. I mean, you never know where life will take you.”

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