Sleepless in D.C.: Gilder Lehrman Takes Trip to Nation’s Capital

By Jiayin Lin ’17

Senior Gilder Lehrman students visited the historical sites of Washington, D.C. as an opportunity to experience the nation’s capital.

This year, the trip consisted of about fifty seniors in the Gilder Lehrman program and four teacher chaperones: Mr. Matthew Bonavita, Mr. Eugene Resnick, Ms. Cecelia Manno, and Ms. Kendra Lane.

The trip took place on May 23 where the group departed from Midwood at noon and returned on May 24 around 8 P.M.

The Gilder Lehrman program is affiliated with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History.

It primarily focuses on putting emphasis on the United States connection to the rest of the world. Diana Shi ’16 states, “Prior to the trip, we had multiple meetings about what we were going to do so it gave us an idea of what to expect.”

Upon arrival, the group went to Golden Corral for an early dinner.

A tour guide then led the group through the National Mall and Memorial Parks, allowing the group to admire many sites such as the Lincoln Memorial, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington Monument, and the Vietnam Memorial.

On the second day, the group stopped by the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and the Holocaust Museum before heading home.

“My favorite place that we visited was the Mall as a whole because of the difference in the environment,” said Nozima Omonullaeva ’16.

The D.C. trip was a way for the Midwood staff to reward students who have stuck with the program for more than three years.

As a reward, this trip was free of charge due to the efforts of the Midwood staff who decided to hold an annual fundraiser to pay for majority of the trip’s expenses.

The rest of the costs that were not covered from the fundraiser had come from private donors who support the Gilder Lehrman program.

Mr. Peters said, “The kids in the program are fantastic and I’m really glad that I’m part of their American history education. They deserve the opportunity to be in D.C. to get a feel of what they learned.”

Ms. Manno said, “It [the trip] was great! An especially mature and well behaved group of kids that made all of the chaperones proud. Special thanks to Mr. Bonavita for all the work he put in organizing the trip and the fundraiser.”

To be a part of this trip, Gilder Lehrman students would need to take Urban History, Sports in American Society and Culture, the United States in Vietnam, and Historiography.

These classes will take up your schedule as electives. For freshmen interested in applying for this program, this is an opportunity to learn more in depth about the United States and their relations with foreign countries.

Students must take the state-required Global and United States history classes in order to be qualified to apply to the Gilder Lehrman program

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