Muslim Association Raises Funds For Those In Need

By Mitchell Mui ‘17 & Sm Hoque ‘17

The poor cannot afford many things. They do not have the money for food, clothing, or privileges to hold a proper burial. This is where the Janazah Project comes in. The project is a simple funeral fund that provides needy families with enough money to bury their loved ones. In Islam, the burying of the deceased is extremely important because the point of Janazah is to seek pardon for the deceased.

People working with the project provide free funeral and burial services lessening the burden of the deceased family. In addition, they provide deceased pickup, preparation, and transportation. When it comes to burying, they organize grave plot arrangement and burial for the family.

The project’s main goal is to provide a system to Muslim communities where they take care a family’s funeral. Also striving to make sure no Muslim will be left alone or buried without the proper treatment they deserve according to the Quran and Sunnah.

Who provides the project with this money if they provide free funerals? Groups of people from different backgrounds donate hundreds of dollars at a time to take care of the bills needed to carry out funerals.

“Many people do not think about how poor people get a funeral done so the Janazah Project is an amazing thing,” said Mohammad Khan ’17

This year, the Muslim Student Association (MSA) was able to donate over $300 to the Janazah Project. The MSA has done charities before, but none of them have donated to a cause like this.

“This seemed like a very good cause so I felt like we should do a charity,” said Mohammed ’17

The Muslim Student Association was created to establish and maintain Islamic societies in college campuses across Canada and the United States. Today, MSA is growing by becoming active across campuses in activities such as praying, listening to lectures, discussing issues, creating social events and unifying Muslim students from all different cultural backgrounds.

The main people in charge of this event were Ms. Mansour and Mohammad Khan ’17. Others involved include Ikra Islam ’18, Nimra Sarwar ’17 and students who donated. Money raised by donations allowed multiple henna events to be held throughout the year. Mohammad Khan ‘17 bought 18 boxes of henna which cost him about $40. He didn’t deduct a profit from all the money raised.

“It was for a good cause so $40 was nothing. I just wanted to help out,” said Khan

Henna is a dye taken from a plant that can be used for body art. During these gatherings, people would pay for this body art with the cost depending on the complexity of the design they wanted done on them. Mohammad ’17 added that much of the money that was donated came from these henna gatherings.

“I think these things done by the MSA are a blessing and they really help those in need,” said Sarwar Azad ’17. The MSA started off as a club to just teach about Islam. The club had gained a lot of popularity since Mohammad ’17 took over and charity events have become a big part of it. “Charity is a big part of Islam so all these events not only help those in need but also teach those involved why it’s necessary,” said Sarwar ’17.

The MSA will continue to donate to charities like these next school year. Mohammad ’17 added that he would like to do double the charity events, clothes drives and food drives. “I have huge plans for the MSA that I hope I can complete once school starts again.”

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