Girls Track Wins Brooklyn Champs Three Years in a Row

By Abeer Naeem ’17 

In interest of full disclosure, Abeer Naeem is on the track team. 

“The Girls Track Team is Midwood’s best kept secret, as they are the returning champions in the Outdoor Brooklyn Borough Championship for the third year in a row,” stated the coach Mr. Walter Cohen. The Lady Hornets have once again beaten all of their competition and won first place in the championship.

This achievement was a total team effort was a surprise for both the coaches and the girls themselves.

“I was a little surprised with the win since I could not figure out what the other teams would compete in,” said Cohen. “However in the end we did very well, thus winning this important meet.”

Mackenzie Evans ’18 said,“ “The girls worked hard and achieved their personal best times and this confirms that we are one of the best teams.”

The Hornets worked hard to gain this recognition and be successful in their individual events. Aziza Daniel ’17 was among the many girls who contributed points by scoring in her races. However, even though Daniel scored points she was not satisfied with her performance like many of the other girls.

Daniel said, “Personally my performance was horrible, but even though I had a bad performance, I tried for the team.” The team plans to come back better and even stronger next year by improving a list of things.

The assistant coach, Mr. Harry Singer, believes that the team needs to improve on their endurance and strength to really get better and become successful runners.

“They also have to be willing to work hard and give it their all on the track,” he stated.

Team members plan to improve on their work ethic and personal times, as this is the key to being successful. Arianah Denoon ’16 feels that a better work ethic can better the team as a whole.

“Individuals will have to practice hard and work diligently to achieve their goals,” stated Denoon. Even though the girls have much to improve on, the coaches are proud of them.

“We are proud of the girls for this threepeat [sic] and their individual and team efforts,” stated Mr. Cohen.

He also believes that hard work is the only medicine that yields in results. Therefore, girls are willing to go to all measures in the coming season.

Jessica Zamor ’17 said, “I am happy my team ended this season on a good note.” The girls worked hard and have not let their winning streak go, showing other teams they are a force to be reckoned with.

Many girls had their personal best times during this meet proving they left their all out on the track. Natalia Wiater ’16 was among the girls who both scored for the team and will run in the city championship meet due to a qualifying time in the 2000-meter steeplechase, as well as the 4×800 meter relay, but she is only one of many that qualified.

The 2016 Outdoor Track & Field City Championship was on Sunday, May 29, during which the best in the city were able to compete for the title of city champion. Plenty of personal records and season bests were set, including the 4×800 meter relay that placed sixth and Jessica Lin ’17 who beat her previous best time by over four seconds in the 1500 meter racewalk.

The field events were filled with personal records as well: Brianna Bennett ’16 in the Shot Put, as well as Melissa Gallo ’18 and Gabrielle Wilks ’16 who beat their personal records in the Discus Throw, placing fourth and eighth, respectively.

“I’ve been training all season so that I could be a sophomore to make states, but I missed by four feet. I feel like I could have done much better, but the competition was tough. However, I have two more years to train and plan to make states next year, and hopefully be a state champion as a senior,” Gallo said.

There is a Hornet who qualified for the State Championship, however. Jadah Tappin ’16 will compete at states for the third year in a row after placing third in the city for the Triple Jump.

Now that the City Championship is over, individuals like Maya Engstrom ’18 and Karen Ng ’18 are excited to continue the winning streak at Freshman-Sophomore Champs. The Lady Hornets are putting their best foot forward and hope to win the Freshman and Sophomore Outdoor titles, just like they did at Brooklyn Champs.

Natalia Wiater ’16 contributed to this article.

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