Handball Falls Short of Expectations

By Justin Kushnir ’17 and Dennis Roytberg ’17

At the end of the boys handball season, the sound of a light rubber ball bouncing off a concrete wall is not as frequent. The conclusion of the season was upsetting for the entire team; although they competed fiercely throughout the regular season, the handball team lost its momentum and fell short of its goal of making it to championships.

The head coach, Ms. Kimberly Lau, once a co-captain of the girls handball team herself, said, “I expect the players to continuously work hard and try to be as dedicated as they can to the sport.” Ms. Lau started as an assistant coach before taking over as head coach.

Practice makes perfect, and the team certainly works hard, making sure they are as good as they can be.

Nicky Chan ’17 said, “Practice is usually around two hours and we play each other according to positions. The coach pushes us so we can become better players while having fun at the same time.” Nicky used to play for the Hornets handball team prior to this season but left due to massive amounts of schoolwork.

Justin Wong ’16, a senior on the team and a starting doubles player, has been a part of the team since his junior year, and he believes that even with their losses, the team had a successful year.

“The team practiced hard every day and everyone was dedicated to the sport. Our goal was to make it to championship and it really kept each and every one of us motivated,” said Wong.

            The team had a successful season with a 7-1 record, leading them to a division championship, thwarting rivals schools such as Madison and Brooklyn Tech. Games were well contested through the daunting season. The Hornets won by a one point margin five times. Home court advantage was also strong for Midwood during the regular season, going a perfect 4-0. However, the playoffs were not as easy for the Hornets. In the quarterfinals, they were eliminated by Queens High School of Science, losing by a score of 4 to 1, ending their season.

Andy Liang ’17 knows the requirements to make the team, and it is not an easy task. “Reflexes are very important,” Liang stated. “When it comes to handball and the only way to get really good is to work hard and practice, but remember to have fun.”

Championships are always a goal for any high school sports team.

Liang said, “Next season I want to improve our record and win a championship with my team”.

The Hornets will continue to practice and get ready for the upcoming season this time hoping to continue regular season dominance and translate it to the playoffs.

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