Baseball Bats Into Semifinals

By Peter Grabowski ’17 & Matt Putterman ’17

In interest of full disclosure, Peter Grabowski ’17 & Matthew Putterman ’17 are on the varsity baseball team.

Boy’s varsity baseball finished off their year with a 9-7 regular season record, heading to the playoffs and advancing through them all the way tot the semifinals.

After starting off with a 6-1 record, the Hornets faced adversity, losing six of their last nine games. On May 18, the Hornets looked to get their ninth win at home versus Susan Wagner High School on Senior Day. The team put up a good fight, but lost by a score of 10-8.

In their final game of the regular season, the Hornets played at Fort Hamilton and finished off the year with a 3-1 victory.

“We had a really good year and I am so proud to have been a part of it with a great group of teammates and a fantastic coaching staff,” said Mathew Eng ’17.

The team had many key contributors this year, from freshman to seniors. Gavin Brien ’16, Alec McFeely ’16, and Nicolas Cardieri ’17 lead the team in batting average. The leader amongst them was McFeely, who batted .417 and drove in 16 runs this season. In recognition of his efforts, New York 1 News named him scholar-athlete of the week on May 23 and did a feature on McFeely at the team’s first playoff game.

“We have so many great players on our team and there are so many other great players in the city who could have received this award, which makes this even more of an honor for me in my senior season,” said McFeely.

Not to be overlooked, the Hornets were also carried by some stellar pitching in many games this season. Roy Wagner ’16, Thomas Scarpaci ’16, Francis McMahon ’16, and Greg Dorfman ’19 led the staff this year. In the final regular season game against Fort Hamilton, Dorfman pitched the game of his life, throwing a complete game and only allowing 1 run against a powerful opposing line up. Scarpaci also was one for the heroics this season. He came into relieve in ten games, working to a 2.57 earned run average and striking out 21 batters. His most memorable performance of the year came in game one versus Grand Street Campus, where he relieved Wagner and got the save allowing only one earned run in five innings pitched.

“I always looked at myself as a starting pitcher my whole life, but I became very comfortable in a relief roll this year and I think it benefitted the team a lot,” said Scarpaci.

Riding hot hitting and lights out pitching, the boys went into their first round playoff games confident. As the ten seed, they played the 23 seed, Bronx Science. After the first inning, it was 4-0 Hornets, and they never looked back, winning the game 7-2. Peter Grabowski ’17, Mathew Putterman ’17, and Cardieri each drove in runs as Wagner, McMahon, and Scarpaci used a collective effort to shut down the opposition.

“We had a great mindset heading into the game to take it one game at a time, and that’s exactly what we did in the first round. Now we need to continue that going forward, and we will be at Yankee Stadium on June 13 competing for a city championship,” said the coach, Mr. Nardone.

The team won their second round playoff game against High School for Construction in Queens with 4-0.  They advanced onto quarterfinals, playing against James Monroe Campus and winning 10-7, advancing to the semifinals during which they hope to continue their winning streak.

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