AP U.S Classes Go Back In Time

By Richard Kozak ’17

To commemorate Midwood’s 75th anniversary, Mr. Eugene Resnick’s A.P. U.S. History and U.S. History classes are undertaking a project to document Midwood and America’s history over the past 40 years.

This same project was done many years ago to commemorate the 35th birthday of Midwood High School. The AP United States History classes in 1976 created a book that detailed each year since Midwood’s opening. The students compared what happened in a specific year, with what happened around the United States. This year, Midwood students are doing the same thing, but for the past 40 years since the last book came out.

“It’s really cool to examine old Argus issues and yearbooks dating back to before we were even born,” said Ebony Goldman ’17. “And what happened around our country at those same times. It connects our school to a much larger picture of America.”

Groups of a few students were each assigned one year, with each year being combined into a book with all the other years. Students are using all the sources they can get to provide a more in-depth look at Midwood’s history. Some faculty members, like Ms. Kauffman, who has worked in Midwood for many years, are a treasure trove of information. The yearbook, Epilog, also contains details about Midwood life and America many years ago. Students are also using old copies of Argus to get details on what happened each month at Midwood during the years they are examining.

“It’s an interesting and unique project,” said Nicky Chen ’17.  “As students work together to reassemble and recreate history that happened right here, we learn a lot that a regular history class wouldn’t even mention.”

Mohammed Ashraf ’17 said “Sorting through so much information sometimes seems overwhelming, but it’s also a lot of fun to learn about our school before we came here and how it’s changed over 40 years.”

The book the class creates will accompany the Jubilee Celebration in an anniversary weekend on October 15. A banquet at the Grand Prospect Hall will be held with many alumnus and faculties attending, ranging from the graduating classes from 1941. People will also be visiting Midwood for breakfast, performances, tours, and meeting the Hornets of today.

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