Hectic But Fun… French 8 Project Encourages Creativity

By Shohrukh Abdulloev ’17

Stress, anxiety and fear overwhelm students when a project is assigned, especially if it has to be presented in front of the class. However, students in French-8 have a much more fun and creative exit project compared to the usual time consuming and stressful projects.

Ms. Marly Jean Baptiste has assigned students to choose a French dish and prepare it. Then, it is to be presented to the class as if in a cooking show. Students get to teach each other about the history of the food and how it was developed. The project is not only educational but also leaves room for creativity. Students have the freedom to use their computer and editing skills, or their speech and acting skills while presenting.

Abdullah Sajid ’17 said, “Teachers should provoke students to use their creativity within school aside from the generic material that is taught. This helps interest students and pushes them to have a fun learning environment.”

Presentations will begin May 23 and end June 3. Students have the option of preparing the dish at home or preparing it in school. Students who choose to prepare at home record themselves and then present in class. On the other hand, students who choose to prepare their food live can do so in class while presenting. Presentations are in the French language only to show proficiency.

               Diego Fungueirino ’17 said, “The French exit project was so much less stressful than other projects. I enjoyed putting it together much more than writing an essay for English.”

This project aims to help the class learn about the French culture and foods, while also involving fun.  People have the option of working as a pair. This makes the project much simpler and less of a workload.

The project can also be useful for students who want to learn how to cook for the future. Gabriel Gomes ’17 prepared crepes as part of his project. It is relatively simple to prepare and can be prepared by anyone for a quick meal. Other similarly easy to prepare foods might come in handy for future college students.

The educational part of the project is that people have to discuss the history of the dish. Presenters must research how the food came to be and its significance in history. This is the rather boring part of the project, but students such as Asad Ali ’17 have used their creativity to incorporate the “boring” history and make it more fun. Ali recreated a conversation two people had back in time when they were making a new dessert. The conversation was historically accurate and much more interesting than just giving facts about the past.

“The project did not thrill me, but it did not overwhelm me like other projects do,” said Ali.

The project is mostly adored by the French-8 class because it achieves its goals of having fun and learning at the same time. Students also had the option of bringing their food to class and giving samples.

Sajid said, “I have definitely learned a considerable amount from watching the presentations. I hope more teachers can incorporate fun projects to boost our interest for learning. It is a win-win situation. Students have fun, and the teacher helps them learn.”

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