Football Players Prepare for Future

By Shawanda Walcott ’17

For student athletes, continuing their sport beyond high school is an important decision they have to make. The football team got a headstart in their decision making on their annual college trip.  The guys, especially the seniors, get the opportunity to meet coaches and make an impression. This year, the team visited Delaware, Villanova and Temple universities.

        According to Anthony Odita, head varsity coach, the college trip is a great experience for the players because they get first hand experience of college life on and off the field.

Visiting colleges before applying to them is an important part of the college process. The experience gives student athletes a glimpse of the college life and introduces them to the college vibe. It displays the different type of atmospheres on and off the college campus.

According to Sean Cameron ’17, the trip helped him see what he liked and disliked about the colleges. “It will benefit me in the long run because it gave me an idea of what to expect living away from home and surviving on my own,” Cameron said.

During the trip players got to see the athletic complexes, classrooms, dorms, weight rooms, and different areas of the college such as the library. They even got to see the Delaware football team practice. They were impressed by the size and freedom of their surrounding.      

“The purpose of the trip is to open our eyes so we can see what it takes and what you have to do to make it to these schools,” said Dane Mickle ’17. “Delaware was my favorite though. We were very stunned at how big and athletic the Delaware football players were.”

       College trips aren’t based solely on athletics, but also on the academic standards at the different colleges. Villanova College, for instance, receives more than 16,000 applicants and accepts a little over 1,000. The GPA range for admitted students was 3.86-4.31/4.00 on a weighted scale. Villanova even has academic support for their athletes in a manner that addresses their unique academic needs.

Tahg Lovelock ’16 said, “The college trip was academically heavy in terms of GPA and knowing what you want to do when you go to college. One thing I learned I should have in college is to have great time  management.”

Lliam Mareus ’17 said his favorite college on the tour was Temple University because even if he didn’t attend for football, he would major in computer engineering. Compared to other colleges, the tuition is $20,000, whereas in other colleges it would be about 30 or 40 thousand dollars more.

“It’s like the city life, compared to the other colleges we went to, lots of people walking around. Also, a good amount of players went to the NFL there,” he said. Liam was also fascinated by the machines they have for the football players, such as an underwater treadmill.

The Hornets were glad had the opportunity to gain knowledge of how college life differs from what we know right now.

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