History/Political Enthusiasts Collaborate On Magazine

By Jenna Palme ’17

Lovers of politics and history have come together to write the Social Studies department’ magazine, Forum Mr. Eugene Resnick supervises the magazine, but students write it.

Forum used to be run by Mr. Jeffrey Schneider starting in the 1990s, but after he retired last year, there was a slight fear that the magazine would not return.  However, Mr. Resnick took it upon himself to take up the mantle of being the advisor for the magazine. The group meets once a week after eighth period, but it will likely meet everyday once formatting and production begins.

Resnick said he wants to continue the legacy started by Mr. Schnieder because it gave students the opportunity have a voice in such a large school. “I want students to have a voice to express and develop ideas about the world we live in,” Resnick said.

Jason Nagourney ’17 stated, “Forum was created to give an opportunity to the student body to freely share their opinions and ideas.”

At their past few meetings, the students discussed topics they’re interested in doing and claimed what they want to write about.  Forum gives these students a chance to speak about issues they deem important.  The topic can be about almost anything, just as long as it fits into the category of social science.  At the meetings, members are always reminded that they don’t have to stick to the list of topics and they’re encouraged to think outside the box.

Amanda Esau ’17 said, “Mr. Resnick came to me about it because he saw that I’m interested in political and social issues.” Forum intrigued Esau because she wants a way to voice her opinion on political issues and enlighten people about these problems.

There is only a small number of writers for the magazine; as of right now there are eight student but almost all of them have two topics to discuss. Once each student has a first draft it will go through peer review, where each person in the group will give constructive criticism.

Polina Solovyeva ’17 said, “I wanted to participate because I thought this would be a great opportunity to learn more about politics.”

Students are given the opportunity to teach others about topics that they’re passionate about, and in turn learn about topics they had little to no knowledge on.

For Forum, the students will be writing essays, and they can speak with opinion rather than just sticking to the facts.  These students get to speak about what they’re passionate about and be published.

The members hope to make Forum appealing to both the student body as well as the teachers in the school. They hope to cover a wide range of topics, so anyone could be interested in reading the magazine.

Nagourney said, “Mr. Resnick was able to gather a group of students that not only question the status quo, but are still willing to keep an open mind to diverse opinions.”

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