Trump Makes Mockery of Election

By Rabia Arshad ’17

Listening to Donald Trump argue is like listening to a nine year old, trying so hard to show his friends that he is cool. I feel like every time I watch Republican debates I lose brain cells, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

This man could possibly be our future president, and people are still not aware of what trouble he is going to put our country in. Unlike any other president, Trump has never served a day in public office, meaning he has no experience. Instead, he has the skill in being a real estate mogul and former reality­ television star. If that’s enough knowledge for someone to become president, we might as well give Kim Kardashian a shot at this year’s campaign.

Trump has admitted that he never prepares or studies before his debates. He says that preparing for a debate isn’t necessary and it gets in the way of good performances. He focuses on putting the other candidates down instead of trying to show us how he’s going to fix important issues that our country has been suffering from.

He keeps talking about how he’s going to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S . Half of his debates are about kicking Mexicans out of the country, as if that’s the most important issue that we’re facing right now. If building a wall was the solution to our problems, I’m positive that past presidents would’ve built a hundred walls by now.

Donald Trump apart of the presidential election

He also wants to ban every Muslim from this country, defeat Isis “very quickly” and take Islamic states oil as revenge. Yes, that would help our country but there is no need for him to look at every Muslim as a terrorist. Actions of terrorist groups shouldn’t define a whole entire race of Muslims, that’s unfair and biased. Terrorism has no religion and anyone with common sense knows that.

By putting down people from different cultures , he is bringing back something that our country has been fighting to get rid of for years and years, racism and discrimination. He wants to label Muslims and make them wear signs so that they’re easily seen. Does this sound familiar to you? Of course it does! This is the same exact thing Hitler did to the Jewish people during WWII. Trump is abrasive and fascist. So if you want a modern day Hitler as your president,  go ahead and vote for him.

The things he says are ridiculous and ignorant. He doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings and at this point I don’t even think he cares about this country’s future either. He takes everything as a joke and puts other candidates down the way a middle school student would bully another student. Children are sometimes more mature than he is.

Now I don’t know if he’s doing all of this for publicity or for actual political purposes. He hasn’t been able to prove a n actual point as a real politician throughout this entire time. The only thing we’ve established watching his debates is that he is no man of politics, he just puts “entertainment” to this presidential race.

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