Letters to the Editor

Dear Argus Editors,

The article Kinokuniya Spreads Japanese Culture caught my attention because, as a huge anime and manga fan, I visited Kinokuniya a few times with my friends. I like how the writer wrote the article with details of each of the floors of the bookstore. This allows others who have never been these before to be familiar with the place and atmosphere. I also like how the writer included background informations from Kinokuniya’s website, it’s senior vice president, and students who visit and are familiar with the place. My favorite floor is the second floor because it provides a huge variety and amount of manga and merchandise, and that it has a cafe that I usually relax in.

Although the article contains many useful details about the bookstore, it is missing a few details that visitors should know. The second floor also has a few shelves containing Japanese pop music CDs. Although Kpop is very popular, I know some people also likes Japanese pop and Kinokuniya could be another place for Japanese pop lovers. The writer focused too much on the basement and the second floor, which contains mostly Japanese culture. The first floor consists a huge variety of English books, including arts and crafts, cooking, economics, and pet book.


Qilian Yu

Dear Argus Editors,

The article Minimum Wage Set to Surge… But There’s a Catch captured my interest. This is due to the fact that the article brings awareness to the unfair wages given to workers. A $15 minimum wage seems promising to the citizens of New York City but we have a problem. How many employers will really give the $15 salary to workers? As stated in your article, many civilians are being underpaid even with the current minimum wage. Is a raise in the minimum wage going to persuade business owners to pay their workers high salaries? I think not as a result of how many workers are paid in modern day. People who struggle financially suffer from the little wages they receive. How will parent’s provide for their children? How about the students who work part-time jobs to save up for college? Although a raise in the minimum wage seems promising, how many people are willing to abide by this rule? I believe that Argus is a great way to inform other of what’s happening around the school. However, the articles are sometimes boring. Perhaps, you should use colored ink to grab the reader’s’ attention.


Shirley Lei

Dear Argus Editors,

After reading the Fundraising: A Necessary Nuisance article in Ms. Cox’s American Classics class, the students from sports teams found the info presented in this article to be slightly inaccurate or at least not giving the whole story. Although you mentioned how the sports teams get equal funding, you never got the perspective of kids on sports teams to see how that funding was used. I’m on the volleyball team and the one thing that this team desperately needs new mats for the side of the net. We literally have to go through the trouble of duct-taping the mats all around at the beginning of practice, then tearing it all off at the end. We go through this same routine everyday. It’s not like we need new mats every year, one can last for many years and they aren’t even that expensive. Teams like the football team pay lots of money (out of their own pockets) for equipment that they aren’t allowed to keep anyways. The students on many different sports teams can agree that the funding definitely doesn’t seem like it’s being distributed evenly; some teams seem to be getting much more than others.


Lirdona Vata

Dear Editor,

The article researchers Shine At NYCSEF was very interesting. I thank Argus for putting forth this story and telling people about the effort all the researchers put in everyday. This article brought a sense of pride and once again proved that Midwood has many scholars that work day and night to accomplish their goals. Knowing several of the researchers mentioned, I can testify that these students have no time for any other activity. I wish these researchers all the best and i hope all their efforts are rewarded. I also encourage freshmen and sophomores to join research because it is a great platform for future scientists.

Thank You,

Hareem Bokhari ’16

Dear Editors,

I really enjoy the articles about the outside world, and not just Midwood. As a senior, I have had my taste of high school. I’ve spent a good amount of time in Midwood, enough to already know about some of the articles in ARGUS. I enjoyed the articles about the presidential elections and the new SAT. I am able to learn about the big events without having to watch the news. A quick read of ARGUS gives me enough of a taste of what is happening to be able to hold conversation. I am able to discuss in depth the campaigns and global events. I believe the newspaper should include more stories about the world outside Midwood.

Kin Chiu

Dear Editor,

I found the article Journalist Assists NSA Whistleblower quite interesting and intriguing. It talks about how Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald helped the infamous Edward Snowden in exposing classified information from the government. To me, Edward Snowden did the right thing and the Americans are just blinded by his actions. I believe that the public should know of all the governmental actions. The public should be aware of the actions and the power the government has. I agree wi with Poitras’ statement that the government amasses power, but not necessarily to protect the people. It definitely makes me feel disappointed in the government.


Sammy Chen Li

Dear Argus Editors,

AP week is coming up and most students are panic studying in order to be ready for their exams. Midwood’s AP week is during the first week of May, yet specialized high schools have theirs two weeks later. At Midwood, many science and math AP’s just barely finish the curriculum by rushing through the last few topics. Some have nearly no time for review. This is not the teacher’s fault. Most states start the school year in late August (two weeks before New York), so they have time to cover the AP syllabus and have a healthy review. That’s why there’s a second AP week for some high schools in New York. What doesn’t make sense is that Midwood starts the school year just as late but still administers the early AP. The later test date would allow for a less rushed teaching at the end and more review time that would likely improve grades. It is shocking that there has yet to be a change.

Samuel Makarovskiy

Dear Editors,

The article that I enjoyed the most was “Researchers SHine at NYCSEF”. First, I would like to congratulate the research students on their accomplishments. I am very happy that Midwood has a science research program. This allows students to conduct their own research and show judges what they have done.

The article would have been better if it included some of the research that the students conducted. By doing so, it would give other students a taste of what the research program does, even encouraging an interest in science research. Keep up the good work!

Seemal Shehzadi

Dear Editors,

Thank you so much for the consistency in providing us with the news we should be aware of. I am always well informed about clubs and how they are benefitting our school. I am also glad you are bringing politics into the young people’s minds. This year, there is a very important election for the Presidency. People should be aware of the differences between political parties and which side is right for them. Once again, thanks for keeping us all informed.

Anthony Vidals

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