Girls Badminton Prepares for First Ever Fall Season

By Stephanie Tam ’17

In the interest of full disclosure, Stephanie Tam is in the badminton club.

With birdies flying across the gym, the girl’s badminton club has flourished. Students from different grades have come together to improve their badminton skills for fun or to practice for the creation of the future team.

The club was originally created by Angel Zou ’17 and Jovita Lin ’18 during the spring term when students signed up to participate. Many students gained an interest and wanted to learn more about badminton while having fun.

“I was looking forward to making new friends and spending my time being active instead of procrastinating and being unproductive,” said Vivian Luu ’17.

Michelle Zhou ’17 stated, “This club has made me feel motivated to improve my skills. It is a fun activity that I can look forward to every week.”

The club meets after school in the C-gym on Tuesdays. In the beginning, students are allowed to play freely. However, as more students start to arrive, everyone is separated into different groups based on what grade they’re in. One group is called up at a time and is allowed to play for approximately thirty minutes. After thirty minutes pass, the next group goes to play.

Zou ’17 stated, “Having everyone play at the same time is ridiculously scary. You see more than 10 birdies fly at the same time. With the groups playing one at a time, we can prevent injuries and allow everyone to get a chance to play.”

Each girl is required to bring her own racket for the club. Ms. Marguerite Allen, the supervisor of the club, also brings plenty of birdies for the girls to use. When the team starts, PSAL will provide equipment for the girls to use.

The practice that the girls receive also helps them prepare for the future badminton team. In 2017, the players will be allowed to try out for the team. Then they will participate in the PSAL competition with other schools.

“The purpose is to build on pre-existing skills as well as developing a cohesive team in order for Midwood to have a competitive badminton team,” stated Ms. Allen.

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