Flag Football Full of Chances

By Wendly Alce ’17

Many girls are athletic and competitive, and they want to be offered the same sports boys are. PSAL doesn’t have a league for girls football, so the next best thing was flag football, which is now included as a spring sport. The team was handed to Mr. Jonathan Skelly who is determined to take this team very far and make it a memorable first season.

The team had a confusing season so far. They took losses to teams they beat before and vice versa. They are now flat even with a record of 5-5, but they secured a spot in the playoffs, which is quite the accomplishment for a first-year team.

“It wasn’t the greatest season, but it’s the first ever so, I am very proud of all the hard work the girls did throughout the regular season,” said Mr. Skelly.

Starting wide receiver Salma Ali ’17 said, “I didn’t know what to expect since it was our first season and we’ve never seen any of the other teams play but that didn’t stop us. We played our best every game and now we’re headed to the playoffs.”

The team’s last game was against Erasmus Hall Campus and all the girls agree it was probably the easiest game of all season because there was no game at all. Erasmus forfeited the game a few days before it was scheduled. The girls aren’t as happy as you would think a team would be when they get a free win. The team didn’t want anything given to them; they wanted to compete and earn the spot so no one could tell them that they didn’t deserve to be there and that they lucked out. Nonetheless, they are still ecstatic about making the playoffs.

“We’re not sure who our matchup is for the playoffs but whoever it is I know we will give our best and give any team a run for their money,” said  Ali ‘17.

Maya Mendonca ’16 said, “It sucks that it’s my first and last year playing flag football. Playing this sport opened up a new side of me sports-wise. It taught me that after each mistake, all you have to do is work hard and make up for it. Focus is a big part of sports and when you focus, you walk on the field feeling determined and walk off feeling proud of what you did on that field.”

The girls are motivated and determined to make a mark in the playoffs this year. The team hopes to set a precedent for the future.

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