Baseball Falters After Hot Start

By Matthew Putterman ’17

The Hornets have found themselves stung after a string of recent losses.

The baseball team, who only lost one game before spring break, has now lost four straight games. The Hornets fell to James Madison High School twice April 18 and April 20, McKee Staten Island Tech on April 22nd, and Tottenville High School on May 2.

Madison won the Battle of Bedford this year, defeating the Hornets 8-4 and 9-3. While the Hornets were able to score a couple runs in both games, their defense could not hold the Knights’ offense. Junior Mangeroo Eng ‘17 helped contribute on offense with a pair of hits in both games.

“We put up a good fight in both games, we just didn’t execute in situations that we needed to,” said Nick Cardieri ‘17.

The McKee game was a nail biter that made its way into extra innings. Francis McMahon ‘16 kept the Hornets in the game by only allowing two runs through seven innings.

“My arm was feeling good and I had a good command for my pitches. Our defense definitely helped keep me in the game,” said McMahon ‘16.

Alan Sorokin ’17 entered to pitch in the bottom of the eighth inning with bases loaded. He gave up a game losing bunt that ended the game in extra innings. The final score was 3-2.

To continue the losing streak, the Hornets lost to Tottenville 7-0.  The varsity team gave up five runs in the first three innings and was not able to recover. Along with struggling on defense, the Hornets also struggled offensively with only two hits the entire game.

“These last few games have been tough for us but I have no doubt in my mind that we will bounce back with the remaining games left,” said Gavin Brien ’16.

The Hornets are now in second place with four games left in the regular season. There are two games against Lincoln High School, one against Fort Hamilton High School and the last game of the regular season against New Utrecht High School.

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