College Office Visits Explain Application Process

By Noman Ahmad `17

Juniors have waited to become seniors of high school for three years, and soon the wait will be over.

Not so fast; juniors have no idea what they’re in store for next September. Senioritis is what most seniors will be infected by, or overwhelming advanced placement courses, but the college application process is the most frightening of them all. But no worries, the college office meetings are here to help.

The meetings have been taking place for the past few weeks and have gotten positive feedback from the many juniors who took the opportunity to attend them.

Abdullah Sajid ’17 said, “College meetings from the college office have really prepared me for the perilous task of applying for the college of my dreams that wait in the fall.” He feels exhilarated now and can’t wait for the process to begin. “Now that I know all the right ways to apply to college, I can’t wait. All thanks to my college office meeting,” he said.

The guidance counselors present in the college office to conduct the meetings are Ms. Lorrie Director and Ms. Marisa Koeppel. They have been working hard to support  students who don’t know where to begin in the college process. Unfortunately, with their busy schedule, they have been unable to sit with every student for an interview.

Sarwar Azad ’17 said, “Ms. Director really broke down the college process to me and she really made it understandable for me, the way she explained it thoroughly.” Azad said that the counselors took their time to explain everything in depth.

Many things are discussed in the college office meetings. The most important thing is discussing how to choose the perfect college. The counselors explained schools that are in the student’s reach (according to grade point average and standardized test scores), colleges that are above the student’s reach, and colleges below their reach and how to choose the correct one.

Getting accepted to college is one problem, but paying for it is a whole new issue. In the meetings, the counselors explain a lot on how to apply to financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Financial aid assists students by paying a majority to sometimes even covering the whole fee (depends on income) of the college.

A vital part of the college acceptance process is the college essay. It is crucial that students applying to college take into account the personal statement, as it can hold the same weight as the grade-point average and the standardized test scores. Sometimes, this is the piece of paper that determines a student’s acceptance or rejection into a college.

Many other imperative things were discussed during the college meetings, such as teacher recommendations. Explaining everything can be a hard task, it is in the best interest for juniors to visit the college office and schedule a meeting before the school year ends to get deep insight into the college acceptance process. If you haven’t made an appointment yet to see the college counselors go to room 115 today and schedule one.

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