Spring Breaks in the City


By Santiago Alonso ’17

As one of the most anticipated breaks of the school year, April marks the return of spring break.

Instead of going out of the state or out of the country spending a lot of money, your own city offers many things for you to do during the week. The big question is, where in NYC are these places and how much do they cost?

Although New York isn’t the host of huge spring break events like Coachella in California or the world tour of music, Lollapalooza, it offers other public events like free concerts in parks and also festivals and carnivals. Central Park, Bryant Park and Prospect Park usually have summer concerts for free.

According to an article on the nycgo.com, artists such as Billy Joel, Fall Out Boy, Weezers, and the boss himself, Bruce Springsteen are scheduled to perform in New York this spring break. New York is known for their music background and spring break is the perfect time to enjoy some part of New York’s culture. But prices vary depending on the artists and venue. Best thing is to know who to spend the money on and where.

New York is the host to the only indoor extreme sports venues. Located in Staten Island, Indoor Extreme Sports offers many things from laser tag to archery tag to paintballing with zombies. Ensuring loads of fun for you and your friends, IES is open Tuesday to Sunday with prices between $35 to $45 depending on the day you plan to visit and the activity that you want to participate in. The lowest price, $27 is for IES’ best attraction called, “I survived the room,” where players have to survive attacks, and escape the room using clues and solving puzzles.

According to the IES website, Indoorextremesports.com, “I survived the room has set the bar for latest game craze in the ‘Escape The Room’ industry.” Sounds like something to put on the spring break list.

Don’t want to spend a lot of money to have fun? New York’s Coney Island is set to get back on track and open its theme parks starting spring break. Riding the Cyclone, although very old and usually failing to work, is always fun and is a good experience for all the thrill junkies and those looking to break their fears of roller coasters. Not interested in the cyclone, there are many other rides in Luna Park, such as the Slingshot, and the new Thunderbolt which also gives a thrill. Something to not miss while in Coney Island is Nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest, which brings many spectators from around the world and a heavy load of competition.

“I like Coney Island because it adds life and energy to our city of Brooklyn. It’s a tourist attraction and the atmosphere in the summer is appreciable. When people come to New York they look for Coney Island and we are lucky to have it in our backyard,” said Justin Kushnir ’17.

A stroll around the parks and piers is never a disappointment, especially during Spring Break where the weather is amazing. New York is known for its amazing parks, Prospect Park in Brooklyn or Central Park in Manhattan.  Both parks are big and many people go out to enjoy time with their friends and families all the time. Both are lovely places a long trial for a good stroll in a bicycle or walking, but who can forget those horse carriage rides which will add a little bit of flavor to your visit in both parks. The Brooklyn Bridge Park is also a great place to visit and spend some time with friends. Pier 5 which is the sports complex park is highly visited by many people, whether they are looking to have some fun on the fields or have a good time out in the BBQ section of the pier. Pier 6 is also a good place to hang out with the family. It includes playgrounds, a small water park for the kids, and a nice beach volleyball court which is filled with players especially around this time.

“A good place to play soccer with friends during spring break is at pier 5, it has a lot of great players to go against whether in a friendly or a league and the view in the afternoon is always amazing,” said Estevan Medel ’16. “On the other hand a great place to have a BBQ and spend some time with your family is at Prospect Park, I am never disappointed when I visit.”

New York is the home of great venues for an amazing time; Spring break is no exception from any other day. All you have to do is get out of your house and look for a new place to visit. The big idea is just to have fun and enjoy your time.

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