Sophomore Runs for Mayor

By Olga Savuk ’17

For the first time in Midwood history, an underclassman is running for mayor. Jacob Kapustin, a sophomore, hopes to emerge victorious in the race for mayor, a position typically open only for incoming seniors.

The mayor holds the highest rank in the student government and is a role model for the student body by representing Midwood’s Core Values of honesty, respect and responsibility. As mayor, the elected official would be responsible for organizing student government meetings with the principal, Mr. Michael McDonnell, giving speeches at school events like SING, freshmen orientation and open houses, and making daily announcements that keep the students informed. In addition, the mayor is required to dedicate a period a day to work in the COSA office along with Ms. Marcia Kaufman.

“I chose to run a year early because the earlier I can run, the earlier I can implement changes to improve the atmosphere among students,” said Jacob Kapustin `18, “It is unnecessary for me to wait until next year to put my ideas into action.”

According to Kapustin, he stands out from other candidates because of his welcoming demeanor and straightforwa personality. He plans to bring his integrity, impeccable word and diligent work ethic to the student government. If elected, Kapustin claims that he can use the skills he gained from prior involvement in politics to benefit the school. The young candidate had participated in the government of a community service club, the 4H club and worked side by side with his guidance counselor, Ms. Millman. From all these experiences, Kapustin stated that he realized the importance of student involvement in school.

The candidate is aware of what happens throughout the school, and he is certain about the changes he wishes to establish.

“It is unacceptable that students are forced to remain in the building during their free period,” he explains, “As mayor, I will fight for our right to leave when we have lunch. Just as equally unacceptable are the ever-rising AP exam prices. If elected, I plan to aggressively combat these rising prices and do my best to eliminate the AP exam fees.”

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