LOTE Exam Causes Pressure, Stress


By Carmen Zheng ’17

Stress, fear and worries trickle over when students in Spanish and French 6 received their scheduled LOTE (Language Other Than English) speaking appointment.

The LOTE consists of two parts. The multiple choice and short answer portions will be administered to all students on the same testing date during Regents Week in June. The speaking portion is completed before Regents Week. Students are responsible for having 4 mini conversations with their foreign language teacher. The conversation topics are picked randomly from a set of envelopes.

“For me the speaking part of the LOTE is the hardest because I get nervous when I speak,” said Melissa Liu ’17.

In order to prepare students for the speaking part, foreign language teachers have already started training them.

“Each day I would incorporate some speaking task into my lesson,” said Ms.Valeria Howell, s Spanish teacher. “I would ask the students to go around and interview other people or just give them a list of questions that they have to answer in Spanish.”

According to Ms.Howell, there are no exact questions that may appear on the LOTE, just different types of questions that have chances of appearing.

“Every week, Ms.Vargas will give us a task or scenario,” said Lizaveta Slinko ’17. “We need to speak about the task or scenario. I think I am very prepared for the speaking part after this practice.”

The French teachers are using the same techniques to prepare the students.

“In Ms. Jean Baptiste’s class, we do conversations with our classmates every day in French to prepare us,” said Amanda Xiao ’16, who is taking the French LOTE. “ But I still don’t think I will do well on the speaking part.

Students will just practice more and more as their scheduled dates come closer. At the end, students just need to try their best and prepare for the rest of the exam as well.

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