Ex-Sing Commissioner, Actor Shares Insight With Hornets


By: Sugdiyona Nosirova ’17

Paul Ben Victor came back to visit his alma mater on March 22 and give advice to the drama students about the world of show business.

Ben Victor was the commissioner of SING in 1975 and 1976 and under his organization, his class won SING and Inter-SING both years. He had a knack for handy work and made sets and managed the stage.

“He wasn’t the greatest student, but he did everything for the show so thanks to him they won two consecutive years,” said is former math teacher Mrs. Kaufman.

After graduating in 1976, Ben Victor attended Carnegie Mellon University for set and interior design. While he was building a set for a play, the director asked him if he wanted to be an extra. That is where it all began.

Soon after Ben Victor was committed to becoming the best and walked into the world of show business with a lot of confidence.

“Going into auditions, I would look across the ring at my opponent like it was over before it even started. I would say you’re a cheeseburger and I’m going to eat you,” said Ben Victor.

Coming from a family of artists, his mother a painter and his father a photographer, it was likely Victor would end up in the art industry.

    “My parents were very supportive of me pursuing acting, but they didn’t like the idea of me being so exposed,” said Paul Ben Victor.

    Ben Victor started his career in the 80s doing commercials here and there, but soon moved onto small roles on T.V. and movies. He soon got a recurring role as Steve Richards in ‘NYPD Blue’ which aired from 1994-1997.

“I have a face that can play any ethnicity, other than black of course,” Ben Victor said with a giggle. “I’m a small little Jewish man that can play a Puerto Rican named Juan or an Italian guy named Vinny.”

    Ben Victor later stated if you tell yourself you’re the greatest then you believe that you can achieve greatness.

    “I teach my students what’s in the books, but it’s good that they got to meet and experience what it was to be up and coming from a real actor. I believe this was a really good experience,” said Mrs. Bommarito.

    When going into auditions there could be dozens of people trying out, you have to make  the directors remember you, bring a wow factor to your audition Ben Victor stated.

    Ben Victor finally told the students, “If you see want to be a professional actor don’t look at it like a business. Take a machete, and guide it as far as you can.”

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