Computer Room Welcomes Macs

By Michelle Li ’17 and  Amy Chow ’17

Renovations will occur in room 345 and 480 as all the old computers are going to be replaced with new Apple computers funded by city councilman Jumaane Williams.

The replacement is most likely going to happen as soon as the School Construction Authority, SCA, gets them. It’s going to be around June 2016. The school would like to wait until the A.P. exams are over since the A.P. courses are using the computers in 480. Students need to take their graphics tests online.

Courses like autocad, graphic arts and media including several A.P. courses have requested the school to switch into apple products. The whole renovation process is known as Resolution A. It is a gift from the city of New York funding around $180,000. Compared to the computer models being used at the moment, the apple products costs about twice as much. The school wasn’t able to afford them with the regular hardware money.

According to Dr. Ernest Pysher, the assistant principal of technology and art, the original computers in room 356 and 380 are going to be replaced by the dell computers in room 345.              Olexandr Pustovoyt ’18 expressed that the renovations aren’t necessary because the computers are fairly new.. He is currently in AP Capstone and has taken video production previously. He continued, stating how the video production room, 483 needs an upgrade because all the computer models are different.

“It becomes difficult for the teacher to teach a lesson because there’s different versions of the programs. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to update computers,” said Pustovoyt ’18

On the other hand, Ms. Robin Igla said, “Some computers didn’t work, and it made it challenging when students were working in groups and they couldn’t all be near each other,”

Salina Malek ’17 agrees, “It is a great idea that they will be replacing the computers. When I tried to do work with my groupmates, we weren’t able to since not all the computers were working. Half of my group had to be on the other side.”

Ms. Igla said, “I think the room was better utilized when it was designated for teachers to get their work done.”

Students may wonder why the school is replacing the working dell computers with apple products instead of changing the SMART Boards that are over eight years old.

“The eight year old SMART Board replacement will cost $700,000 and we only have $180,000. But the library media center and room 345 will get a new HDMI Smart Board as a part of this project,” continued Dr. Pysher.

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