Girls Lax Stumbles Out of Gate

By Kaelah Blanchette ’17

Girls lacrosse attempts to swing into action following the start of a slow season. Led by Mr. Michael Giordano, the girls’ varsity lacrosse team begins their season with a slow start, but Mr. Giordano, along with the players, are determined and positive to get back on their feet.

According to Mr. Giordano, there are multiple positives to take from the season so far, regardless of the fact that the team is “a bit behind in the wins column.” The senior players are taking point while the juniors are filling in more responsibilities that will transition into senior year, and the freshmen and sophomores are getting increased playing time.

“Each year is different than the previous and despite the bumpy road, there are a lot of positives from the journey so far,” said Mr. Giordano.

Dominique Arthur ’17 and Shaziah Hassan ’17 share Mr. Giordano’s views of positives in their journey so far and how they hope to improve in the future, along with what they expect from the team and themselves.

“The season hasn’t been going great so far, especially with the field being renovated,” said Hassan. “Even if we are struggling to make things work, we are always expected to give our 100% and keep pushing through.”

Arthur shares the same issue with the field renovations and the limited practice space.

“Not being able to play home games on our field is hard because it’s where we’re most comfortable,” said Arthur. “Regardless of where we play, we still make sure that we have a good attitude throughout it all, whether we win or lose.”

Mr. Giordano sees the field renovation as an issue from a strategic standpoint as to how equipment like “regulation goals or lines on the field” play a pivotal role in defensive and offensive formations. Even from a strategic standpoint, Mr. Giordano doesn’t discredit the bonding experience that the players lose with the field being renovated.

“The players had a place to call home,” he said. “A place where they can bond in the locker room, put in a few extra laps around the track, or get some reps on the wall or with a teammate.”

Although the home field renovation has added to their slow start, the players along with Mr. Giordano have high hopes for the near future and expect their season to turn around.

“No one likes to lose, but there are going to be some tough losses and we need to make the best out of every situation,” said Arthur. “What’s important is what you improve after that loss and my team and I are working our best and pushing forward to earn some more wins.”

Hassan shared the positive words to keep pushing towards more wins.

“We need to stick together and bring our all to do better in games,” said Hassan. “We’re a family and we just need to work with what we’ve got and do our best with the situation at hand.”

Mr. Giordano reciprocated those views and what he hopes to accomplish at the end of the season.

“Every year we intend to improve throughout the regular season, make playoffs and play our best in the knockout rounds,” said Mr. Giordano. “To all lacrosse supporters, stay tuned for some hopeful, exciting news towards the end of the season.”

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