Brooklyn Born and Raised… Bernie Sanders Engages Youth


By Noman Ahmad `17

Are you old enough to vote? If you are, then you are  probably already feeling the Bern.

For the first time in ages we see an active and engaged younger population in the nation’s election process. Not because of  Donald Trump’s outrageously hilarious comments but because Bernie Sanders has been making steady promises to this nation’s youth.

According to CNN, 83 percent of people of ages 18-29 support Sanders over Hillary Clinton. But what is so special about Sanders that makes the younger population adore him so much?

Orts Lamrou ‘17 said, “The youth of today is generally liberal and focused on mostly social and economic issues. This is where Sanders shines brightest.”

Sanders would tackle many issues prominently appealing to the younger voters such as free college education, an increase in the federal minimum wage, and the issue of climate change.

Sarwar Azad ‘17 said, “His economic plans appeal greatly to college students who feel crippled by student debt.”

This is an important issue, as many students don’t attend college or leave college early because of outrageous student debts.   

For the younger voters, it is important that Sanders gets elected because Clinton simply does not make any bold claims.

Daniel Mirkin ‘17 said, “If Clinton gets elected it will be a huge disappointment, Sanders truly deserves presidency.” “Sanders will make our nation’s youth engaged in politics,”

The more people engaged in politics, the more active the nation. Mirkin also says that he alongside other middle-class students love the idea of free college tuition.

Whether you follow politics or not, Bernie Sanders in undeniably favored by the youth. If there is a large voter turnout from the younger population, then Bernie has a high chance of winning.

By now, Bernie Sanders has captured the attention of the majority of the youth, so go out and vote if you feel the Bern.

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