Letters To The Editor, April 2016

Dear Argus Editors,

I am exceptionally fond of  the article SING Expands Across the City. After my first experience of SING this year, I was stunned. SING is an unforgettable experience where students are brought together to create a production by putting together talent and hard work. Sacrificing time after school, school vacations, and weekends to make the best of the production. Although it may be chaotic to balance school, homework, sleep, SING, it will surely be an amazing experience for anyone that joins.

I think that SING spreading to different schools is great. Now that SING is spreading, it gives the opportunity for many students from many different schools and boroughs to experience SING. As a student at Midwood, I sense that SING is an extremely important tradition here at Midwood that if passed around can create amazing experiences for many other students. Lastly, congratulations to the seniors for winning InterSING!!


Rana Mohamed

Dear Editor,

I recently read Education For Prisoners Hard to Come By.  While educating incarcerated individuals in prison is a good idea for those to get back on their feet once they get out, I can see where the others are coming from. Many people would not want their tax money to be going towards potentially “dangerous” people that can cause more harm when they are released, but education is essential for everyone. I think everyone should get an equal opprtunity to learn and change themselves. More importantly, the government should help released felons get employed. Many employers ask about any criminal histories, and an education would be rendered moot over the criminal history for an employer.


Garmen Xie

Dear Argus,

I would like to start by congratulating your success in providing Midwood with great material about our environment/ community. However, I do have one suggestion that I feel should be incorporated in Argus. The discussion of politics amongst our youth. In many cases, young kids are not even taught to take part in the political system and this poses a problem. One, these youth are not letting their voices be heard in regards to their stances on issues, and two we are not letting the youth take part in the future of the country.

Whether Democrat, Republican, or any other political affiliation, students should take part in the political process. The voter turnout is also low and we need more people to begin getting involved. Being the newspaper of Midwood, I ask Argus to begin calling for political participation among the students of Midwood so that we are aware of what surrounds us in this country and we start voicing our opinions loudly.


Mohammed Kallash

Dear Midwood Argus Editors,

I am writing to you re the article regarding the new SAT and how it will impact future test-takers. After reading the article, I find it to be very thorough and and agreeable. The new SAT will definitely benefit the students as opposed to hurt them or waste their time. However, I found one group of the students’ opinions not being covered; more specifically, we the seniors. As a senior I feel that we are being cheated because of all the extra work and stress that we had to put into this test. I find it unjust for the colleges to judge us theoretically harsher because of the harder exam compared to the new supposedly easier one.

One might agree that the admission officers will change their policies based on the new exam. But what I think is that the old test was harder both on paper and psychologically. The new test-takers would not need to walk the extra mile to learn what they didn’t learn in school because the new exam would primarily comprise of material learned in school. I feel I’ve been cheated.

Yours truly,

Zheyi Zhu ’16

Dear Argus Editors,

The article that I liked the most this month is Mock Trial Team Takes A Stand. I liked this article the most because it talked about the frustration that the students felt about losing by one point. I know what it’s like to work hard on something and the end result is losing. In the beginning of the school year I was in the “We the people” tournament with Mr. Rothstein. Our class worked pretty hard for months but we just weren’t meant to win. However, as mentioned in the article, it was a great way to learn more about the justice system and helped us with our public speaking. Also I think it’s a great way to fellow classmates’ ideas. It really helped me communicate with others.


Herra Qureshi

Dear Editors,

“Serbian Student Teacher Learns About New York” grabbed my attention the most. Midwood is a very racially diverse school, so it is interesting to learn about others’ background stories. Mr. Bozovic is truly inspiring, and would inspire other immigrants to come to New York as well.

However, though Argus is very informative and detailed, some of the articles don’t catch my attention. An earlier Letter to the Editor stated that there should be information about college. Not many people have good resources to read more about college, so learning more information from Argus would be a great help.


Haiying Man ’19

Dear Argus,

The article Guide to Successfully Applying to College caught my eye. I think this article is very beneficial. It helps me get a taste of what the process of applying to college is like. The different subtitles also make it easier to read the article. As a freshman you feel like college os so far but time flies by so fast. The information in this article is very relevant. I holes like these are continued to be written.

Underneath this article, I love the little box titled tips for Applying to College. It’s basically giving us instructions on what to do before applying to college. It’s really helpful because it starts from freshman year all the way to senior year. I appreciated all of this information. Now I know how to get off to a good start. I feel like in the next Argus paper I would be interested in someone’s personal experience of applying to college.


Izza Hamid ’19

Dear Editor,

The article Apple Takes on FBI grabbed my attention when I first opened up last month’s newspaper. As an avid user of Apple’s products, I’ve been aware of the FBI’s efforts in persuading Apple CEO Tim Cook to create a program to unlock a locked iPhone. Although unlocking the iPhone may assist the FBI in uncovering more information about the San Bernardino shooters, it poses a threat to all of Apple’s customer information. 

I support Apple’s stance on this situation since a great deal of privacy and security is at stake. By refusing to create the program, Apple maintains its agreement contracts with their customers and ensures their customers’ privacy and security. At the end of the day, I stand proud of Apple’s actions with their measures of protecting their customers. I believe that this article can help spread the importance of people’s security and privacy.


Sammy Chen Li

Dear Editors,

After four years, Argus is one of the fews things that have been consistently informative, collaborative, and popular. Led by Ms. Kaczmarek, the individual Argus contributors have been transformed from independent talents to a coherent, collaborative mix whose members’ futures will be heightened by the help and advice of their peers and mentors in Argus. Articles are well-written and accessible to the masses, as well as relatable to the readers.

However, Argus does have a long way to go, and it should include more interesting articles that will increase demand for the paper, as well as allow non-Argus members to participate/write for the paper; both suggestions would surely increase demand and quality for Argus for years to come.


Siddique Shafi

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