Flag Football Off to a Rough Start

By Isabel Perez ’17

Despite their great efforts, the  Lady Hornets lost their first two flag football games. Although their season had a rough start, the team will do the impossible to win their next game.

“We joined the team 6 weeks ago not knowing much about the game of football, and today we’ve become a well developed team that has many strengths. We just have to continue to work hard and strive for better improvements,” said Salma Ali ’17.

On April 5, the girl’s flag football team played their first game of the season against Samuel J. Tilden High School. Although the Hornets lost 21-19, the team couldn’t have been more proud of themselves for giving it all they had. The opposing team said they thought it was a good game and were shocked to hear this was the first game the Hornets had played.

“I was nervous because we were playing against an experienced team and it was the first game of the season,” said Olga Savuk ’17, “however, I think we did great and I’m so proud of my team.

The second game of the season was on April 8 against James Madison High School. Despite having several injuries, the Hornets didn’t give up and continued to play. It wouldn’t have been the best decision to keep injured players in the game, but it did show the determination the Hornets have. Sadly, the game ended in tears when the Hornets lost 46-24..

Mr. Jonathan Skelly, flag football coach, said, “The girls need to just build up more experience. It is a process, it’s not gonna come over night. It takes time; Malcolm Gladwell states you need 10,000 hours to master a skill.”

Since these were the first few games of the season, the team had a major disadvantage against other schools. The Midwood field can’t be used to practice on since it’s under construction, so the team has been practicing at Marine Park. There’s a huge difference between playing on turf and playing on dirt. This is also the first year that flag football has been introduced at Midwood.

Beatrice Kushnir ’17 said, “I believe that the team does have a disadvantage compared to other schools because it is their first year playing. Many of the other schools are more experienced and have had more practice,” she added. “The team still has a lot of time to improve and to win games.”

The Lady Hornets still have plenty games to go, and they will play against schools such as South Shore, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Erasmus.

“My goals for this season is to have my players leave it all out in the field. I want my players to develop a love for the game of football and understand all the life lessons it presents,” said Mr. Skelly.

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