Train Station Fulfills More Than Transportation Needs

The World Trade Center Transportation Hub

By Orts Lamroe ’17

Hailed as the most expensive train station in the world, the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub in lower Manhattan is eye-catching! One of the station’s main objectives is to alleviate the stress caused by overcrowding in New York City’s extensive subway system by taking in thousands of daily commuters.    

The World Trade Center Transportation Hub’s completion came ten years after the 9/11 attacks demolished the original station.

The station will  eventually link to numerous popular subway lines like the R, 1, 2, 3, and will have PATH service between New York City and New Jersey.     

The World Trade Center Transportation Hub possesses a breathtaking work of architecture. Its towering ceiling consists of a multitude of white crossing beams which allow sunlight through and resemble the skeletal remains of a gigantic creature.

“I think it’s great! I went to go experience it for myself this week. The main floor was so white, spacious, and in pristine condition that I felt like I was walking into a huge ice-skating rink,” said Andriy Bereza ’17

Those who enjoy viewing the world from the comfort of their homes, can view a high quality video of the station on YouTube with 360 degree function titled “A 360° look inside NYC’s new $4 billion dollar World Trade Center Transit Hub.”

Despite popular acceptance of the station as a valuable asset to New York City, some believe that  that the cost of the project doesn’t align with the result.

The New York Times article, “Santiago Calatrava’s Transit Hub Is a Soaring Symbol of a Boondoggle,” by  Michael Kimmelman, compared the cost of the famed Grand Central Station, $80 milion to the World Trade Center Transportation Hub, $4 billion. His point was that Grand Central Station achieved more with less.    

Some are discontent with the concentration of billions into a single station.

“The train station near my house hasn’t been upgraded in years and looks worn down. I don’t understand why so much money was invested into one stop when money could have been distributed to older stations in need of repair,” said Brandon Hernandez ’17.

The effectiveness and architectural appeal of the World Trade Center Transportation Hub will be tested within the next few years. Depending on the result and reaction, the cost of construction will or will not be justified.

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