SAT Classes Improve Test Taking Skills, Decrease Anxiety


By Rina DeFrancesco ’17

It can be difficult for students to prepare for an exam as big as the SAT. The SAT is a major test that assesses general knowledge and is used by colleges for student acceptances. Due to this, students stress about their grades because of how much it affects their future. This causes students to also spend thousands of dollars for preparation on the material. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for everyone to spend this much money. Luckily, free SAT prep and classes are available.

These free classes are conveniently available at our school. For seniors, SAT math and English classes are available to review the material on the exam. Our school is also connected with a program through Brooklyn College that provides free prep for students at the school.

“Many students come to me and tell me that prepping for the exam helped their scores. According to statistics, there is a notable difference between the scores of students who’ve prepared for the exam and those who did not,” stated Mr. Lamothe Romig, guidance counselor.

Many free SAT classes and prep are also available online. According to, websites such as INeedAPencil, Number2, MajorTests, FreeVocabulary, and SATexamprep offer many options to practice the test’s content. Khan Academy, the popular website for students to get tutoring, also offers many practice examples as well as full length SAT tests for students to practice on.

“I’m taking the new SAT in May, and I’m really nervous. I’m really grateful for the fact that I can practice and learn the material without having to pay so much money,” said David Shumunov ‘17.

Free classes and prep are available in local locations as well. Columbia University offers a special program called the Columbia University Double Discovery Program that holds a wide range of free SAT classes and allows students access to the university’s tutors. For sophomores, the Bronx High School of Science and the Harlem Center for Education provide free summer preparatory classes.

“I want to start taking classes to prepare myself for the test. It’s a big deal,” said Samuel Ilin ‘18.

Many students have spent thousands of dollars on private tutoring and classes.

“I took my first SAT in February. I studied a lot and went to two private tutors. It was very expensive. Honestly, if I knew free prep was available I would have definitely taken advantage of it,” stated Florina Rekhelis ‘17.

Classes and prep for this test are important for the practice. They may also include things that you won’t get from studying by yourself.

“I think they’re helpful in the sense that these SAT “experts” know a lot more and it’s always better for an actual person to explain. Also they can tell you a lot because of their own personal experiences which helps you get a better understanding. These classes also provided me with extra practice so it was a great choice for me,” said Zenab Jamil ‘17.

As stated in the article Do SAT Prep Courses Help Test Takers?, the Wall Street Journal by Jo Craven Mcinty, classes and prep often help students due to the confidence it builds. If a student believes they know the material better, they are more likely to succeed. According to, they will also teach students the tricks for answering certain questions. However, it is also added that students cannot succeed unless they are motivated to do so.

        It can be stressful for students knowing how important the SAT is for their future. It is important to continue being hard-working throughout this process.

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