Chemistry Teacher Returns To Inspire Next Generation

Ms. Lau thinks back to her Midwood years.

By Fariha Afrin ’17

Once a student at Midwood High School, Ms. Kimberly Lau is now a teacher . Her inspiration to teach came from her high school teachers. She currently teaches chemistry and AP Environmental Science.

Ms. Lau graduated from Stony Brook and earned her master’s degree at the age of 22. Before teaching she was studying in the medical field and working in a lab.

“I hated it,” she said. “It gets boring and it’s not as fun as teaching in a class full of students.”

After seeing the dedication of her teachers when she was in school, she knew she wanted to follow in their footsteps.  Ms. Lau would often visit Midwood and was soon offered a position of teaching chemistry. She began her full time job in the spring term of 2013 and she was lucky to be able to teach her favorite subject.

While teaching, Ms. Lau learned the best ways for students to understand concepts.

“Different students learn at different levels,” she stated.

Ms. Lau thinks it’s important for the students to feel engaged in the lesson and she is able to do so with her resonating  voice and confidence. She explained it takes responsibility and dedication to be a teacher and you need to care for the job.

When Ms. Lau first began her job she found it strange working with people who were her teachers at one point. “It was kind of awkward working with them at first but it got better along the way,” she said.

Eventually, she became at ease with her previous teachers and current co-workers.

“Perks during my days were that the hallways were not as crowded, and they were clean,” she stated.

The annex was not complete while she  attended school. It opened a year after she graduated.   

Former co-captain of the Midwood handball team, Ms. Lau, is now the head coach of the boys’ handball team. She runs the Ocean-Science team as well and was featured a few times in previous Argus issues relating to their accomplishments.

During her spare time Ms. Lau enjoys experiencing new food in restaurants all around New York City and is especially fond of chocolate.

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