Softball Starts Out Strong

By Peter Grabowski ’17 and Nick Cardieri ‘17 As the new season approaches, Girls Varsity Softball is getting back into the swing of things. The girls are all looking forward to playing again, and they are looking to make a statement this year. Coming off of a winless 2015 season, the Lady Hornets have a chip on their shoulder and want to make their presence … Continue reading Softball Starts Out Strong

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Disappoints

By Gabriella Shery ‘17 Set the image of a family so large, and inseparable, that they occupy an entire suburban block to the strong rhythm of Greek instrumentals, and you’ve got the Portokalos clan. Family predictably remains a driving force in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, but the distinctive comedic flare of the original is unfortunately lost in this follow-up. As the title suggests, … Continue reading My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Disappoints

Mural to Grace Streets of Flatbush

By Alasia Miller ‘17 In order to not only brighten the streets of Flatbush, but also to encapsulate the diversity of the neighborhood, the Groundswell Community Project will be collaborating with Midwood High school to paint a mural along the blank canvas of an Avenue H wall.` The students who are involved with the project attend after school workshops from 3:30 to 5:30 supervised by … Continue reading Mural to Grace Streets of Flatbush

Budding Journalists Explore Blogging

By Jessica Charles ‘17 and Sumiya Kibria ‘17 Making good use of teenagers’ love for technology and desire to be heard, Ms. Catherine Kaczmarek’s journalism students were assigned the blog project, in which they create group blogs on and meet once a week in room 345(computer room). Students had the liberty of making their own groups of three or four and deciding on a … Continue reading Budding Journalists Explore Blogging

Seniors Face Tough Political Decision

By Orts Lamroe ’17 Many Seniors and some juniors will be eligible to vote  in time for the presidential election taking place on November 8. Before choosing a candidate, it’s vital to understand some of the general positions that the Democratic and Republican Party hold. The fundamental difference between republicans and democrats is their view on the federal government’s role in people’s lives and the … Continue reading Seniors Face Tough Political Decision

Ex-Sing Commissioner, Actor Shares Insight With Hornets

By: Sugdiyona Nosirova ’17 Paul Ben Victor came back to visit his alma mater on March 22 and give advice to the drama students about the world of show business. Ben Victor was the commissioner of SING in 1975 and 1976 and under his organization, his class won SING and Inter-SING both years. He had a knack for handy work and made sets and managed … Continue reading Ex-Sing Commissioner, Actor Shares Insight With Hornets

Sophomore Runs for Mayor

By Olga Savuk ’17 For the first time in Midwood history, an underclassman is running for mayor. Jacob Kapustin, a sophomore, hopes to emerge victorious in the race for mayor, a position typically open only for incoming seniors. The mayor holds the highest rank in the student government and is a role model for the student body by representing Midwood’s Core Values of honesty, respect … Continue reading Sophomore Runs for Mayor

Computer Room Welcomes Macs

By Michelle Li ’17 and  Amy Chow ’17 Renovations will occur in room 345 and 480 as all the old computers are going to be replaced with new Apple computers funded by city councilman Jumaane Williams. The replacement is most likely going to happen as soon as the School Construction Authority, SCA, gets them. It’s going to be around June 2016. The school would like … Continue reading Computer Room Welcomes Macs

Seniors Register to Vote

By Ting Ren ’17 Being able to vote is a right and responsibility. As seniors reach adulthood, they are able to make decisions for themselves by choosing candidates they favor. In order for seniors to register to vote, they must fill in papers about themselves and their political party. “It took about 10-15 minutes to fill in the registration papers, but I kind of felt … Continue reading Seniors Register to Vote

FDR Award Honors Late President’s Legacy

By Jade Stephen ’17 Midwood is known for many wonderful things like their programs, the sports games, and much more, but did you know about the Franklin D. Roosevelt Award (FDR Award)? The award ended in 1979 but began after the death of the well known president, Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1945. It was originally given to those on the anniversary of the president’s birthday. Many … Continue reading FDR Award Honors Late President’s Legacy