Sunset Park Attracts Food Lovers

5th Avenue in Sunset Park, many stores and eateries for one to enjoy.

By Santiago Alonso ‘17

Spanning from 38th street to 64th street in Brooklyn, Sunset Park is known for its diverse Latino/ Asian population, restaurants and all of the activities available for for everyone near and far.

Just like any other neighborhood, Sunset Park has many things to offer. The Sunset Park Recreational Center offers many options to people of all ages. Once the summer, arrives, people all over the neighborhood grab their towels and head out to the public pool. Free of charge the pool assures loads of fun with friends or families. Aside from the pool, the recreational center offers other fun activities to the public. Many leagues from basketball to handball run all year round, bringing many local athletes and many spectators looking for entertaining competition.

According to “Since 1910, the Department of Parks & Recreation has provided the most affordable and extensive network of recreational services throughout New York City.”

This neighborhood has many public soccer fields each located on what is know the corners of Sunset Park. They were built for everyone to have access to the popular sport. The newly made field inside Bush Terminal, with a great boardwalk and ocean view as well as a view of Manhattan and New Jersey, located on 46th street and 1st avenue. The other field of Sunset Park, just behind the Recreational Center; this field was made to offer many sports activities like soccer, baseball and lacrosse. The final is known as the Dust Bowl located on 66th street and 8th avenue; this field is very known for its summer leagues and the amount of people that visit everyday to have a quick game with friends.

Sunset Park has a parade, known as the Sunset Park Parade of Flags, on the first sunday of every September. It is diverse, interactive, fun packed with many activities just like the newly added pony ride. This parade is very popular among the people of the communities and those near it. On this day restaurants and, small business come out to promote and other vendors show up and try to advertise and get noticed. One of the popular aspects of the parade is the music show/ talent show, on 43rd street, where radio hosts showcase uprising talents every year and give the public a chance to showcase their own talents. Also popular among the “gamers” of the community is the gamer tournament at Gamestop. Bringing many gamers to a very competitive atmosphere, this tournament intense. With many prizes every year, competitors hope to get lucky and go “all out” to try to win.

The parade is popular among the people of Sunset Park, and those near it that know about it are aware of its fun, family friendly atmosphere.

  Many neighborhoods are known for their restaurants, Sunset Park is no different. Throughout the neighborhood, different kinds of restaurants are visited everyday by many. Looking for a restaurant in Sunset Park is like walking through Central America, each restaurant has its different region. A famous restaurant is Tacos El Bronco, on 44th street 4th avenue. Known for its Traditional Mexican cuisines, it brings many people from all over Brooklyn.

But aside from the Latino based restaurants, Sunset Park also offers a variety of Asian restaursants, from Chinese, to Japanese, any type of Asian plate can be found in Sunset Park. A restaurant of this kind is The New Victory restaurant, on 49th street and 5th avenue. Known for its homestyle Chinese food, the New Victory restaurant is a go to spot of Sunset Park since the 90’s.

Along with the New Victory restaurant is the very well known diner Georges, on 57th street and 5th avenue. Georges brings many people together with their families to enjoy great food and a good time.  Every restaurant in Sunset Park is unique in their own ways, but they all have one thing in common, representing Sunset Park and making people happy.

An article by, “Our 11 best places to eat in Sunset Park, Brooklyn” summarizes the quality of the food handed out in every restaurant and its unique assets, “Sunset Park is unique in New York’s gastronomic demimonde. In other words, the Dominican, Mexican, Peruvian, Ecuadorian, and Salvadoran places, and the stray diner and Hasidic spot, are all tumbled down the hill toward the Upper Bay, while an ever-expanding Chinatown on top lures you with Vietnamese, Yunnan, Sichuan, Cantonese, Malaysian, and the occasional Thai place. You pick. Either way, dinner will be cheap and tasty. Sunset Park is one of the city’s great unsung food destinations.”

Sunset Park is also known for its architecture. With styles known as Roman and Renaissance Revival buildings, each different building stands out for unique features. Saint Michaels Catholic Church, on 43rd street and 4th avenue, is the most known and it is easily identified by many that know of it. Sunset Park Court House is also across the street from St. Michaels Church. Although St. Michaels is the most identified building of Sunset Park, the biggest one is Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, located on 60th street and 5th avenue. Its massive structure shows great architecture details and it represents one of the two styles of architecture in Sunset Park.

What sets Sunset Park apart from other neighborhoods, is its diversity, ranging from Latinos to Muslims to Asians. Sunset Park will make you feel as if you have stepped away from your comfort zone and went into a whole new side of New York, one that is full of great places and amazing food and friendly people.

The popularity of Sunset Park has featured in a New York Times Article “New York’s Next Hot Neighborhoods,” where it was mentioned as one of the four neighborhoods to be the next big neighborhood of New York.

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