Research Students Thrive at JSHS Competition

Students participating at JSHS

By Abeer Naeem ’17 and Clifford Young ’17

Seniors have once again taken the annual Junior Science and Humanities Symposia (JSHS) Competition by storm.

Both Kai Saunders ’16 and Josh Pilipovsky ’16 were recognized for their outstanding work and represented our school with prestige. With 11 students entered into this competition, seven of them made it to the semi-final round. Pilipovsky ’16 went ahead and won third place in the Physics category while Saunders ’16 was a finalist and won first in the Chemistry category.

JSHS is a competition which focuses around the concept of STEM. Students of grades 9-12 but Midwood has decided to only enter seniors. Seniors must comprise a project with the help of their mentor and science research teacher. Then, individuals must compete in JSHS for scholarships and recognition by presenting the results of their research to a panel of judges and an audience filled with their peers.

These top students had the help of their science research teachers who include Mr. Glenn Elert, the Research Coordinator and physics mentor, Ms. Shaniece Mosley, the chemistry mentor, and Ms. Jennifer Sullivan, the biology mentor. All three teachers have an immense amount of knowledge in their field of study and can provide students with insight that will lead them to success.

The process of choosing eleven students out of the entire senior research class was long and demanding. Students were chosen to represent Midwood by having intricate and well-designed projects.

“The best projects and balance with laboratory skills determined whether a child was chosen to represent Midwood” stated Mr. Elert.

Saunders ’16 project regarding the study of heavy metal content of artifacts that were found in urban soil helped her not only advance to the Nationals but also expand her knowledge about the environment itself.

Students could not have completed these intricate projects without the help of their laboratory mentors.

Kieran Bissessar ’16 said that his project would have gotten nowhere without his mentor, Professor Donald Gerber from SUNY Downstate Center, as he is very knowledgeable. Research students are allowed to intern at any location most suitable for them and favorable for their field of study. Colleges that many of the seniors participate at include but are not limited to Brooklyn College, SUNY Downstate Center, and NYU.

Individuals had access to immense amount of information provided by both their mentors and the research teachers. Even when Ms. Mosley is not familiar with the topic that a student is researching she still manages to aid them in the process of perfecting their research.

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