Night School Garners Mixed Reviews From Students

By Briana Casimir ’17

Night school, a special program held after school, began on February 29 as a way for students to make up missing credits.

Classes meet twice a week from 5:30-7:30 with the intentions of receiving credits after school as opposed to repeating the course next term.

Ms. Fern Bren, the Assistant Principal of Guidance said, “I think it’s a great opportunity for students and given that these classes are smaller, it’s easier for students to get one on one attention to succeed.”

Students are not forced to go to night school. At the end of each term, guidance counselors review students grades and decide what classes are needed. They then call students who failed a class to ask them if they would like to enroll in night school.

Given that these classes only meet two times a week, attendance is very important. In fact, after three absences, students are removed from the course.

Media Literacy teacher, Ms. Farhana Hoque said, “Students are there to accumulate credits, so showing up is a big step.”

Most classes are composed of students of all ages, therefore the work that is given is fair to everyone. However, there are no freshmen in high school.

“In class we read articles and answer questions about it, which really helps me,” said Rusheen Murray ‘17. “I appreciate the 15 minute break because sometimes there is a lot of reading involved.”

On the contrary, not every student feels as though night school is beneficial to them.

Krystacia Perrin ‘16 said, “I feel like it is a waste of time because we stay in school for two hours doing nothing.”

Students are not to be criticized for being in night school as it is just a second chance for them to get back on the right path.

Ms Hoque said, “I’m not interested in why they failed the first time. I see it as a second chance. They’re motivated kids.”

Night school may not be appreciated by all students, but are valued by many due to the fact that it saves them from the fear of not graduating on time.

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