New SMART Boards Improve Classrooms

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New SMART Boards are placed in classrooms around school.

By Jeffrey Cheuk ‘17

New and improved SMART Boards have arrived, and they’re helping both students and teachers.

SMART Boards are whiteboards that can be interacted with and display the screen of the computer monitor they’re hooked up to.

Dr. Ernest Pysher, an assistant principal, said, “SMART Boards are essential, and we will always have them.”

Their versatility and big screen will always be useful for teachers and students. SMART Boards combine the properties of blackboards, projectors, and computers into 1 all-purpose tool.

They can be drawn on while keeping students’ and teachers’ hands and clothes free of chalk.

Harry Ching ’17 said, “It’s annoying that when I get up to write on the board, my hands get dirty and I have to wipe them somewhere.”

A projector’s worth is diminished because without a straight wall and dark room, students can’t see the projected image well. Meanwhile, a computer with a regular sized monitor is too small for the whole class to see clearly. A SMART Board fixes both of these problems.

SMART Boards are also very cost efficient for the things that they do. They let students see a teacher’s lesson clearly and can display informative videos while keeping students engaged in the class. No other device can do what a SMART Board can do for the same amount of money.

Dr. Pysher said both the new and old SMART Boards cost $2200 each.

To put it into perspective, iPads for a class of 30 students would cost over $7500. There would also be problems like wasting time to put them all back and having the batteries run out in the middle of class. Though getting an iPad in every class sounds cool and fun, SMART Boards are cheaper and more efficient.

Chris Lee ’17 said, “Things don’t last forever so you eventually have to replace them.”

That’s part of the reason why the old SMART Boards were replaced with the new ones. Since their projectors broke, they couldn’t be used anymore. Also, their warranty expired so they couldn’t be replaced for free.

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