Mr. Deveney Aspires To Teach

Mr.Deveney wants to become a math teacher.

By Fiona Ng He ’17

Hard work and dedication is paying off for Mr. Christopher Deveney, a student teacher in the math department, as he soon will become a teacher.

Mr. Deveney is an alumnus of Midwood, who graduated with the class of 2012. He is currently an undergraduate student at St. Francis College and has returned to Midwood to finish his final step in becoming a teacher.

His inspiration to become a teacher came from Ms. Patricia Lazo, Assistant Principal of the math department, who was his math teacher for three consecutive semesters.

“She is awesome,” said Mr. Deveney. “I wanted to do what she does. She inspired me to become a teacher.”

Besides being a student teacher and a tutor, Mr. Deveney is a golf player for his college. As a freshman, he joined Midwood’s golf team and played for all four years of high school. He described himself as a sports person. In addition of being on the golf team, he was part of SING. He said that he was a stage crewmember in Junior Year and an actor in Senior Year.

These extra curricular activities have helped Mr. Deveney learn to manage his time as a student and a student teacher. He explained how important it is to have good time management.

“I wake up everyday at 5 a.m. to come to Midwood, and on Tuesdays I have a seminar from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.,” said Mr. Deveney. “I have to create effective lesson plans too, so that means staying up late.”

Mr. Deveney feels “different, but a good different” coming back and teaching where he used to be a student. He said that it’s a great experience to teach and have students learn.

“It is great being a teacher because it was something I wanted to do as a student,” he said. “It is good seeing teachers as my colleagues.”

Although Mr. Deveney is almost done with his last year in college, the process of becoming a teacher has not been easy. He needs to take four certification tests, seminars, and workshops to become a teacher. However, this doesn’t stop him from taking the next step in his education.

“I’m planning to get a master’s degree in ESL (English as a Second Language) at Touro College starting in June,” said Mr. Deveney.

He plans to teach at a school while he studies at night to earn his master’s degree. Mr. Deveney would like to teach here because “Midwood is a great place to work at.”

“Midwood didn’t change that much. It is still an overcrowded school,” he said.

According to him, his first year here was the Annex’s first year as well. He said that it’s still pretty much the same, except there is a new principal. Mr. Deveney doesn’t know Principal Michael McDonnell that well; however, he knows his son, who goes to the same college as he does.

“Mr. McDonnell is a nice guy. He’s someone I would like to work with in the future,” said Mr. Deveney.

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