Free Microsoft Office Programs Offered

Microsoft offers a variety of programs.

By Samuel Bekker ‘17

For the first time ever, students can download Microsoft Office at home, at no expense.

Principal Michael McDonnell announced on February 4, 2016 to all students through a message on Pupilpath, which stated that students will be given the opportunity to download Microsoft Office for free. This program for free Microsoft Office occurred due to a partnership among the New York City Department of Education, New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, and Microsoft.

To download the free software, a student needs to access and enter their date of birth, along with their parent’s phone number, or the student can enter their parent’s e-mail.

Daniela Lara ’16 said that students who had difficulties affording Microsoft Office software, due to financial problems, can now receive the tools they need to succeed.”

Mr. McDonnell said, “In today’s world, technology is an important tool. The subjects taught in school are important, but technological skills are something great to have. For instance, they can help you compete for jobs and colleges.”

According to Mr. McDonnell’s message on Pupilpath, students can use the link to download Microsoft Office for free on a maximum of five personal devices. This includes mobile devices, computers, tablets, and smartphones.

The link includes all of the products and features offered by Microsoft Office, such as OneNote, Office Online, and Microsoft Word, which several students tend to use.

“I have actually used the service and I got all of Microsoft Office for free. This program is a great contribution to society and I enjoy taking advantage of such an opportunity,” said Andrey Goryuk ’17.

In addition, there is no deadline to acquire the software, however, it is required that the family attempting to download Microsoft Office for free has a student attending a New York City public school. The information being entered into the link must match the information that the New York City Department of Education has in order to successfully download the software.

“In my opinion, Microsoft should have done this years ago. Today, there are other types of free software that accomplish the same thing that Microsoft office does. Google Documents, for example, is free, reliable, and more efficient than Microsoft Office,” said Hou In Chan ‘16.

Sead Brucaj ’17 said, “This program will help the less fortunate explore Microsoft Office, but the program itself should have come out earlier. Microsoft has a lot of competition with other free services, such as Google.”

Due to this program, Microsoft Office is free, easy to download, and ready to accommodate the students as needed.

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